Watch “christian Prince (arabian prophet) BUSTED: Bani Al-Mustaliq?” on YouTube

The more I watch the Muslim Allegation Hunters destroy the fool called “Christian prince(ss)”, the more I am amazed at how stupid these Christians really are. I have been hearing about this charlatan on and off, but it is becoming very clear that he is nothing but a deceiver, and the only ones who follow him are just mindless sheep.

3 thoughts on “Watch “christian Prince (arabian prophet) BUSTED: Bani Al-Mustaliq?” on YouTube

  1. stewjo004

    Yeah, this brother is pretty nice with the rebuttals. Oh, and to save Yusha(as) from the Jews slander about him being a genocidal maniac I found this article:


    1. Yusha(a) is free from such slander
    2. The Bible is incorrect about history again
    3. Watch the Jews use this as proof to be able to murder the Muslims of Lebanon
    4. We can probably conclude the Jews made this up because of their cowardly fighting tactics, Allah says:

    This is why I mandated on the Children of Israel that if anyone kills another person, unless it’s retaliation for murder or for the person causing evil in the land, it’s as if they killed all of humanity. And if anyone saves a life it’s as if they saved all of humanity. But even after My Messengers came to them in succession with clear directions and proof, the majority of them continued to go OVERBOARD in killing throughout the earth. (5:32)

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    1. Yeah, I had heard about this. The Bible itself is self-contradictory on this matter. The book of Judges states that the conquest was a slow process that did not involve the complete destruction of the different nations living in the Holy Land, whereas the book of Joshua describes such utter destruction.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Hmmm… I didn’t know that. Well, there could be truth in both. We have an authentic hadith that states Yusha(as) stopped the sun in battle, but it doesn’t mean he was a mass killing psychopath. He could have won some major battles, conquered a large chunk of land quickly and established Bani Israel as a threat and then in the generations that followed the conquest slowed because of their cowardice and lack of iman. Like an exaggerated contrast of the Islamic conquest.

        But then again who knows maybe it’s all a bunch of bs some Jew in Exile made up. It’s hard to tell with their book. It’s like playing a religious game of Clue.

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