3 thoughts on “Watch “Did Uthman Really Burn All The Qurans?” on YouTube

  1. stewjo004

    Obviously, you want one master copy text as that is the yardstick to know when you have 2 copies which one is right. I really don’t see how anyone can argue against this.

    But anyways, QB do you know anything about Jay Smith’s retarded claim of “27 different Qur’ans” because I couldn’t find anything other than him.

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        My bad it’s 26 different Quran’s. This is a new claim by missionaries because they’re mad that their text has obvious changes to it, so instead of responding they just did a tuquoque fallacy. I first thought they were just talking about Ahruf/ Qiraat but their claiming different Surah/ayat are in them. If you type in 26 Quran’s in Google you’ll find it. Also, Islamic awareness discussed aa section:


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