Christians Get Stumped on Numbers 31

Over at, a few Christian apologists, including Sam Shamoun, have been stumped on the question of the controversial verse Numbers 31:18.  Of course, this is nothing new, as we have seen the likes of Cerbie (Paulus), also struggling to explain the clear meaning of the verse.  Any how, in this latest episode of Christian efforts to cover-up the barbaric nature of the verse, I posed a simple question.  The Christians claimed that the young Midianite girls were not taken as sex slaves, but rather were “adopted” into the Israelite community and “taken care of”.  Naturally, that raises the question of why the little boys were also not “adopted”.  As of yet, none of the lying Christian apologists have been able to answer this question.  Shamoun, in usual form, tried to change the subject to Islam, while failing to answer the question.  This goes to show how uncomfortable the trinitarian heathens are in explaining their so-called “loving” god’s barbaric nature.  The true God did not command the murders of infants and children.  Christians are obviously unable to rationally defend their Bible’s horrible stories, so they concoct idiotic theories, such as the “adoption” theory.  For shame, Christians!


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