‘At a glance’ chronological and thematic summary of the 4 gospels from a Muslim perspective.

The chronology of the gospels from a Muslim perspective.

Blogging Theology

The Gospel of Matthew written around 80-85 AD. Author unknown. Used the gospel of Mark, the Q source and other material. Portrays Jesus as the new Moses who gives his disciples the true interpretation of the Mosaic Law and expects his disciples to keep it. The first book of the New Testament.

The Gospel of Mark written around 65-70 AD. Author: anonymous Greek-speaking Christian. The writer portrays Jesus as completely misunderstood by nearly everybody he encounters (compare Matthew). The first gospel to be written. The resurrection narrative in chapter 16 is not found in the earliest and best manuscripts, though it is still included in modern Bibles.

The Gospel of Luke written around 80-85 AD. Probably by a Greek-speaking Christian and companion of Paul. He uses Mark, Q and other sources to compile his gospel. Jesus is portrayed as a prophet and his teaching about God, salvation and sin is…

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