False Claim: Error in Qur’an Surah 112 – “Ahadun”

It’s amazing how some Christians are so quick to embarrass themselves by making crackpot arguments. And imagine the arrogance in presuming to teach Muslims about Arabic grammar when one doesn’t even have any clue about the subject.

Calling Christians

The following is a guest post by Br. Sharif Randhawa, co-author of the illuminating book, “Divine Speech” which was written alongside Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. Br. Sharif also runs a wonderfully informative blog called Quranic Musings which I highly recommend!

I was sent the following video clips in which an individual named Anthony Rogers claims that that Quran 112:1 (qul huwa ’llāhu aḥadun) contains a grammatical error, and that, moreover, Muslims mis-recite the verse in order to avoid the error:

Both of the above claims are patently false, as anyone with knowledge of even the most basic rules of Arabic grammar will recognize. It is deeply presumptuous of someone who shows ignorance of such basic rules of Arabic grammar to claim to have a better grasp of it than the premier work of Arabic literature, the Quran, and the entire Muslim tradition of Arabic grammar, not to mention…

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One thought on “False Claim: Error in Qur’an Surah 112 – “Ahadun”

  1. stewjo004

    @ qb

    The reason why he would argue about a subject he has no knowledge on is pretty simple, his average audience (western Christians) isn’t going to either:

    A. Know what he’s talking about and just agree (most likely for pretty much the majority)
    B. Not verify his claims (a small minority)
    C. Read the opposing sides rebuttal (an even smaller minority)

    This will allow them to proclaim this information confidently as “fact” (such as Petra being the original Mecca) to cast doubts in the hearts of new or weaker faith Muslims. Similar to when Medieval Monks would claim the Prophet(saw) used to put bird seed in his ear and so when a bird pecked into his ear he would act like it was talking to him and he was receiving revelations or Alberto Rivera and the Islam being created by the Vatican lie..

    Allah says this is what the kuffar do:

    “…The worse kind of terror will be for disbelievers because of their intense punishment. The same ones… who block themselves and others from God’s path, trying to find twistedness it while they’re far from guidance.” (14:2-3)

    But good job on the brothers who did the analysis of the claim.

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