Christian Apologist “Orangehunter” Has a Rabbit Problem

On Allan Ruhl’s blog, his cheerleader and biggest fan “orangehunter” is struggling to find rabbits that “chew the cud”.  Previously, “orangehunter” had appealed to an article by the pseudo-scholarly website “Answering-Islam” to explain the clear zoological error in Leviticus.  I debunked the clueless and ignorant claims in that article.  Apparently having realized the mistake, “orangehunter” has now changed his argument.  Here is his latest attempt at saving the Bible:

“How do you know if the text refers to rabbits? Or how do you know that rabbits (at least some of them) didn’t chew the cud 3,500 years ago? You said yourself organisms change over time.”

To this desperate nonsense, the best response is that while organisms can “change” over time (think immunity to certain diseases), a “change” of the sort that “orangehunter” (who is clearly clueless about things like natural selection) is thinking would be impossible in such a short amount of time (approximately 3,500 years or so).  Animals that perform the process of caecotrophy have a digestive system quite different from animals that perform the process of rumination.  A “change” of that sort would be very complex.  If we left it to “chance”, as staunch evolutionists would, and if it was even possible (which has never been demonstrated empirically), it would take millions of years and quite possibly even more time than even the universe has existed (roughly 14 billion years).  In short, it would be impossible.  

So perhaps “orangehunter” can try to find evidence of this mutant animal.  Something tells me he will have a harder time than atheists who try to explain the origin of life!   


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