“Post Pubescence”? What age is it?

Will Cerbie provide a definitive answer?  Saying that the Bible makes “post/after” puberty the appropriate time for marriage and sexual intercourse is vague. Of course, it is obvious that Cerbie is being deliberately vague.  It is all part of the deception.  So once again, we ask…

At what age does “post pubescence” begin, according to the Bible?

40 thoughts on ““Post Pubescence”? What age is it?

  1. Joel

    q and bs

    Can you get any dumber? Do we need the bible to tell us when people reach post-pubescence? The bible is clear – when breasts HAVE formED and hair HAS GROWN.

    Note the past tense – not the present tense. Hair and breasts must be finsished growing. No year old is physically mature.


    1. stewjo004

      Alright, everyone, it took months and was a hard fought battle but we finally have an answer!!! Now let’s take a look at when that happens:

      Let’s begin with our range:
      There’s a wide range considered “normal” regarding when puberty starts and how fast it progresses. For girls, puberty generally starts sometime between 8 and 13 years of age.

      From professional medical studies our answer is (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!)DRDRDRRDRDRDRDRRDRDRDRDRDR:
      “onset of pubic/axillary hair development was 11.0 years, and for breast development (Stage 2) 10.2 years. Breast Stage 3 development was attained at 11.3 years and Stage 4 at 13.9 years.”

      So the age of consent for Christians depending on when she started is at max for the average woman 13.9 years old (and even then this is debatable depending on when you want to count breast formation)

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      1. ” when breasts HAVE formED and hair HAS GROWN.”

        the pagan crosstian is “comparing sizes” but to the authour of the text , a 10 year old with big breasts and pubic hair would have ALREADY been seen as a girl suitable for marriage.
        compare a 30 year old woman with small breasts vs a 10 year old with big breasts ?
        now who is mature ?

        i am just employing yah’s criteria .

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      2. LOL, yeah that’s what this moron is not getting! The age can vary, so according to the Bible, a 10 year old can be married and have sexual intercourse. The idiot is in some serious denial!


      3. Joel


        I can’t believe you are still trying to defend the idea of old men taking advantage of children for their own sexual pleasure.

        Only in islam would sickos be standing around trying to measure the breast size of little girls to see if they can be taken advantage of sexually. Please repent now, before it is too late.

        Sadly, there are actually 5 FIVE stages to breast development in girls, the last stage of which is usually around 16-18, with many girls not reaching the end of stage 5 until they well into their 20s. SO, bad luck there, your sick obsession with kiddies and their little breasts has been exposed.


      4. HAHAHAHA! Look at this moron trying to manipulate the data! Stage 5 can vary from as early as age 12 to as late as age 19. Nice try with the lie for Jesus, but your pathetic attempts to line the Bible up with modernism fails miserably!

        “Stage Five (approximately between ages 12 and 19): This is the final stage of development. Full height is reached, and young women are ovulating regularly. Pubic hair is filled in, and the breasts are developed fully for the body” (http://www.healthofchildren.com/P/Puberty.html#ixzz5MJpI4qn2)


        So I ask again. If a girl reaches full breast development at age 12, is she allowed by the Bible to get married and have sex? Be honest for once, you coward.


      5. “Sadly, there are actually 5 FIVE stages to breast development in girls, the last stage of which is usually around 16-18, with many girls not reaching the end of stage 5 until they well into their 20s. SO, bad luck there, your sick obsession with kiddies and their little breasts has been exposed.”

        why did yhwh choose vagina of a pre-teen to pop out of ?
        where does the hebrew writer who had his god lust over tits and pubic hair give a sh*t about stages?
        what happen when a young 10 year old has bigger breasts than a 30 year old ?

        how would the hebrew writer have described the young ten year old ?


      6. Ding! Ding! Ding! Of course, we all knew the answer, and I suspect so did the crosstians, but they were too afraid to admit it. So, if Cerbie ever comes back (I know he has been lurking in the shadows), we can ask him if he would allow his hypothetical daughter (we know he is probably single) to get married and have sexual relations at age 13 or 14 (and perhaps even younger).


      7. Joel

        q and bs

        Where does the bible say that you can have sex with 10 year olds? Stew clearly lied about the info he was reciting – breast growth occurs in 5 stages – stew left out that part because your profit liked little kiddies and your stupid religion demands that you view his sick infatuation with kiddie bodies exemplary.

        Facts destroy islam again. Breasts stop growing typically after 16 and as late as the early twenties. Sure you can get girls as young as 14 having fully grown breasts but how would you actually know they were fully formed unless you waited until she was much older since they could continue growing into the early twenties? See, the bible is safe in its ethical treatment of the young. Unlike the quran which justifies mohammed’s sexual exploitation of kiddies and female slaves.


      8. And you deliberately manipulated the data, you lying monkey! Stage 5 varies from ages 12 to 19, stupid. So what happens when a girl reaches that stage at age 12?

        You really think that the Bible follows strict scientific standards? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you really think the ancient Hebrews had to make sure that “Stage 5” was reached before they would marry their daughters off? And where does it say that in the Bible? Face it. You are clearly trying to manipulate the Biblical rule to align as best as possible with scientific data. But it won’t work. The Hebrew word does not mean to say that the breasts must have come to a point where they will not grow anymore. You just want that to be the case. The word simply means to be “firm” or “erect”.

        So again I ask. What age does “post pubescence” refer to? Come on now. By now, you must have figured it out. Stubbornness will just make the humiliation worse.


      9. Joel

        q and bs

        How would you know that the 12 year old breasts you were lusting after were fully formed? You would have to wait until the latest possible age of a girl to know for sure you perv apologist.


      10. Bwhahahaha! Where does it say they have to be “fully formed”? Moron, do you really think the ancient Hebrews had a system to determine if the breasts were “fully formed”? If that was the case, don’t you think that girls would typically get married only in their late teens or early 20s? But we know that historically, they were married much younger.

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      11. Joel

        q and bs

        What are you even talking about you idiot?

        Your claim has been that you can jump on little kiddies as soon as they get a pubic hair or bump on their chests – that makes you potential predatory pervert.

        The bible passages that you tried to use to justify your perverted interest in kiddies clearly shows that girls are considered ready when their breasts are fully formed and hair has fully grown. That means at the end of the process.

        The problem you have is that – as you stated which is now backfiring on you – there is a RANGE of ages for puberty and post-pubescence. This means that to establish “full growth” you MUST wait until the kiddie reaches the top age of that range since there is potential for growth.

        So tell me, perv apologist, how would you know that the 11 year olds you, stew, psycho, and fattest partpig are lusting after have fully grown breasts and that you know for sure that they would not continue to grow?

        Answer the question.


      12. Bwhahahahaha! Coco the dancing monkey just cannot admit the embarrassing truth about this Bible!

        Pay attention, you dolt. Time for another lesson:

        1. The Hebrew word simply means “erect” or “firm”. It does NOT mean “fully developed”.
        2. In reality, the female breasts do not become “fully developed” until pregnancy. Is your god suggesting that a girl cannot married UNTIL she gets pregnant? Try to use your last remaining brain cell! LOL!!
        3. Stage 5 of breast development can range from ages 12 to 19. Thus, by your logic, if a girl completes the stage at age 12, then she is considered ready for marriage and sex.

        Your silly attempts to align the Bible with the absolute end of the age ranges are pathetic! As I asked before, do you think the ancient Hebrews knew anything about the five stages of breast development? Does your Bible suggest any stages? Stop lying for Jesus and think rationally. Stage 5 can end anywhere from ages 12 to 19, in general. Your claim that one would have to wait until the end of that range to consider a girl “fully developed” is based on absolutely nothing from your Bible. You are just making things up to spare yourself the embarrassment.

        “So tell me, perv apologist, how would you know that the 11 year olds you, stew, psycho, and fattest partpig are lusting after have fully grown breasts and that you know for sure that they would not continue to grow?

        Answer the question.”

        LOL!!! Your question just exposed how utterly ignorant you are! Once again, moron, breast development does NOT end UNTIL pregnancy begins. Stage 5 is NOT the end of breast development. So what you are suggesting is utterly impractical.

        Besides, your Bible says nothing about full development, now does it give any standard for what that even means. You are trying to resort to science to answer this question, but that only exposed your Bible as incomplete and ignorant of biological facts. So your question is utter nonsense. Try again, dummy!

        First, you need to establish from the BIBLE what it’s standard is for “fully developed”, even though the Hebrew word in verse 7 does not mean that. So go on. Use your pathetic scripture and show us where it gives this standard to judge whether a girl is fully developed or not. The clock is ticking…queue Jeopardy theme…


      13. “The bible passages that you tried to use to justify your perverted interest in kiddies clearly shows that girls are considered ready when their breasts are fully formed and hair has fully grown. That means at the end of the process.”

        when yahs hebrew wrote ezekiel , he saw a 9 year old and 30 year old. the difference he noted that the 9 year old had bigger breasts than the mature 30 year old. what words would yahs hebrew have used to describe the 9 year old who had bigger BOOBS then 30 year old?

        those tits were formed, “nakhunu”
        nice shaped/firm
        you LIED like jesus about “end of the process”

        you will continue to lie because you just hate what the bible plainly says.

        by the way, why have u not defended your bible and jones’ blog ?


        at July 16, 2018

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    2. So moron, when is that? If you had a daughter, at what age would that be when she is ready for marriage and sex? LOL, why are you cowards so afraid to answer? If a girl has grown breasts and has pubic hair at age 12, would you consider that of marriageable age?

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  2. stewjo004

    Like I said we can argue regarding the breast size:
    Stage Four: The nipple and areola become raised and form a second mound above the rest of the breast. Menstruation typically starts within two years of reaching this stage, and some girls skip this stage completely.

    Read more: http://www.healthofchildren.com/B/Breast-Development.html#ixzz5NthZYiOX
    After these five stages, the breast is still not considered mature or fully developed. Only pregnancy brings about the fullness of breast growth and development.
    Read more: http://www.healthofchildren.com/B/Breast-Development.html#ixzz5NthCGNTG

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  3. hey faiz

    are fashioned
    kuwn (koon)
    to be erect (i.e. stand perpendicular); hence (causatively) to set up, in a great variety of applications

    yhwhs “firm tits” does not imply that yhwh had “fully in mind”
    “fully ” seems to be READING into the text. more research has to be done on this text.

    firm /erect boobs . DOES not imply FULLY formed boobs.

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    1. Yes, that is true. Coco is trying to manipulate the facts because the facts do not agree with his modernist interpretation. He is clearly embarrassed after finding out that his Bible actually upholds marriage at what we would consider to be a very young age in modern times.


  4. Where does the bible say that you can have sex with 10 year olds?”

    explain why christian EUROPE for HUNDREDS of years married off PRE-TEENS . why did christian europe produce “fruits” like pre-teen marriages ?
    even if u have explicit biblical texts (which u do, the hebrew RAPE of taphs with PRE-FIRM tits) , u will say “thats the old covenant” it no longer applies, but christians APPLIED , they married of VERY young girls , why ? when did u guys see the light? the bible CANNOT be the source, what did u discover to change your mind ? yes, why were your religions followers PAEDOPHILES ?


  5. Where does the bible say that you can have sex with 10 year olds”

    when one looks at all the marriage related/sex related crimes in the bible, pre-teen marriage is NOT one of them? why ? because in yhwhs law, hebrews had sex with pre-teen girls, for the text to be consistent, no law can be against pre-teen marriage.


  6. Paulus

    All this back and forth just to justify a 54 year old perv marrying a six year old child and raping her at 9.

    You guys must be so proud of your exemplar?

    You’ve been utterly humiliated in your appeals to scripture and science. Better luck next time


    1. All this back and forth (and crosstians hiding in the shadows) and yet still no answer on what constitutes “post pubescence”! Why is this such a difficult question to answer for our crosstian dogs?

      LOL!! None of you idiots has been able to establish what is the appropriate age for marriage and sex according to your Bible. And your appeals to science have also backfired, which is why we find Coco trying to manipulate the data. We have seen that Stage 5 of breast development can be anywhere from age 12 to age 19 in general. So does that mean that if a girl reaches this stage at age 12, she is Biblically ready for marriage? But wait a minute. Coco has argued that it is only until breast development has completed that the girl would be considered ready, even though the Bible does NOT give us any standard for what constitutes “full development”. To make this worse, science has established that FULL breast development does NOT occur until a woman gets pregnant! So what was that about Ezekiel 16:7 referring to full breast development again? LOL!! My goodness! Are you imbeciles really this embarrassed of your Bible, that you have to throw it under the bus?

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      1. Paulus

        Imam Britney al-lat

        I get it. Four years from now and you won’t have any ability to prevent your child being married off. And that stings you deep down. But that’s the religion you blindly choose to follow and the example set by your exemplar.

        Your obsession with trying to make everyone else join such perversion is because you don’t want to admit how morally disgusting it is. You still have four years to change your mind…


      2. LOL!! And four years from now, you will still be a lowlife which no woman can stand for more than 5 minutes. You might as well give up…

        I get it. You’re embarrassed by your Bible’s standards. They don’t line up with the secular, modernist interpretation you are used to, which is why you are not actually dealing with the evidence, just your own opinions. And lookie here, STILL no explanation for what exactly “post pubescence” entails.

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  8. after one watches this video, the following questions must be asked,

    1. why did yahway decide to pop out of a very tight space belonging to a pre-teen virgin ?
    2. jesus said that the pharisees sit in moses’ seat so jesus must be referring to priests and judges
    “You say you follow the Torah observance of the one man, Jesus. This is not a standard of Torah. Torah tells you to follow the priests and the judges. ”

    3. so according to christian and jewish tradition which is made up of priests and judges, young girls were allowed to be married of very young. how does one practice loving god? by LISTENING to the priests and judges.

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  9. QUOTE

    However, even by the Western standard and definition of pedophilia, Resulullah (saws) wasn’t one, as pedophilia is sex with a pre-menstruating person – which WAS NOT the case with Aisha (ra).

    Furthermore, pedophilia supposes that as the young person ages, the pedophile LOSES interest in her because he is solely attracted to pre-pubescent individuals. This definitely was NOT the case for Fakhr-i kâinât whose first wife, our mother Khadija (ra) was 15 years older than him and due to the fact that he continued to love Aisha (ra) as she aged.

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  10. Jesus Freak

    What age is puberty, per Bible? No exact age, really. Just an age that coincides with Ezekial (breast, pubic hair development). Actually, according to the Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, menarche coincides quite nicely with full breast development. In essence, once the youth shows signs of secondary sexual characteristics, is past the budding age (past ~11), and is capable of procreation (per 1 Corinthians), then the young woman is allowed into marriage. This generally will happen between 11 to 14. Average age is 12.5.

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