41 thoughts on “Help a Victim of Domestic Abuse

  1. Paulus

    Meanwhile tony is busy promoting extremism…

    “rejecting Quran is rejecting God. so it was PERFECTLY right to WAGE WAR against kuffar like u“


    1. LOL, you have nothing to do Cerbie? Bored with being out of work?

      Notice that Tony said “was”. Now of course, he doesn’t mean that Muslims can wage war against just anyone. You see, unlike your barbaric god, our God only allows us to fight against those who oppress us. But even then, we are not allowed to kill every living thing. Your barbaric god had no qualms against killing babies. If you want to condemn extremism, you can start by condemning the Bible.

      By the way, what does “post pubescent” mean? 😉


      1. akhi, i was SAYING that these kafir FILTH bags HAVE ABSOLUTELY no STANDARD to judge prophet pbuh. they HAVE ABSOLUTELY no standard. their diety tells the hebrews to go and RIP open pregnant women, infant, disabled ……what STANDARD do you have to judge people ? and WE pray to almighty God you kuffar never come into power, because we no kids blood is on your mind.

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    2. so tell us paulus, from a biblical perspective , what is wrong with anything prophet muhammad pbuh did ? what standard do kafir like u have when ur books tell terrorists to go and SLICE open pregnant stomachs and kill infants and unborn?

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    3. Paulus

      “Kafir like you” I.e any person who “rejects Quran” ser forth by his profits example.

      Sorry, your taqiyyah has failed. Your blog promotes extemism…

      It doesn’t take long for Muslims to show their true intentions…

      Tony, you kept committing shirk by comparing muhammad to God. I though you didn’t worship muhammad? Oh, and I also reject the Koran for the incoherent ramblings it is. I guess you and your brethren can now wage war against me??


      1. Paulus

        God has no partner, no equal, as stew says.

        Yet here you are defending muhammad by appealing to God. You’ve just demonstrated how incoherent Islamic apologetics is. Good one!!


      2. Bwhahaha, you have been trying to use this pathetic argument since your time on BT, but it doesn’t get any more reaasonable by mindlessly repeating it over and over again.

        Are you saying that all one has to do is say that “God commanded me to kill babies” and it makes it all better? You’ve just demonstrated how incoherent and utterly stupid Christian apologetics is. Good one!!


      3. are you telling me muhammad is not a better role model than triune God ? if i say Muhammad is better role model than yhwh , how does that mean i am worshipping the prophet pbuh? explain how i have commited shirk , go on.


      4. Tony, you kept committing shirk by comparing muhammad to God”

        your pagan blood thirsty canaanite diety yhwh is related to the pagan canaanite dieties who were also BLOOD thirsty (especially childs blood )
        my question is , HOW AM i doing SHIRK if i say that muhammad is better role model than triune being ?

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      5. Cerbie can’t get it through his head that we don’t believe that his pagan deity is the True God. Besides, anyone can justify the most atrocious crimes by saying “God made me do it”. Don’t serial killers often use that excuse? It sounds like Cerbie’s god is the same demon which inspired David Berkowitz!

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      6. LOL, here we go with the “taqiyyah” argument again! That one never gets old!

        Hey Cerbie, do you really think anyone gives a crap what you think? As tony said, he is only showing how stupid you guys are in trying to criticize Muhammad (pbuh). You truly have no standard, when you defend baby killings as divinely inspired!


      7. Paulus

        Yep, you defend muhammad by appealing to the actions of God. Ergo, shirk.

        Hard to swallow, right?

        Nah, not gay. That’s for your mate Bilal to work through…


      8. So you’re not gay. It must be then that no woman can tolerate your presence. Are you still having wet dreams about Paul converting to your cult?

        So again, no one cares what your god does or says. So, your “shirk” argument makes no sense. Your god is a false god, so we have no reason to regard him as “God”. Second, appealing to your god to excuse the crimes committed in his name is the same as any mass murderer who says “God made me do it.” What kind of evil cult do you follow?


      9. “Nah, not gay. That’s for your mate Bilal to work through…”

        yhwh abrogated the man + woman marriage because no one is righteous enough to do yhwhs holy laws ergo you have made it possible for yourself to be a faggot !
        so are you a faggot paulus? i believe u are.


      10. christian austrian parliament

        u bunch of FAGGOTS!
        relaxing the laws of yhwhs!
        cheering FAGGOT relationships!
        yhWHS is love. god loves gays. love ur gay neighbour. i wouldnt be surprised if u are a batty boy!

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      11. Paulus

        The parliament isn’t Christian.

        Second, during the SSM debate in Australia the Christians were very vocal against it. As is demonstrated by many, the Muslims sided with the pro crowd and remained silent. This was because it protects their “isalmophobia” myth.

        So in actuality, you should be upset at the deen for remaining deliberately silent


      12. The Parliament is elected. Australia is a majority Christian nation (barely), so Christians played a major role in voting for the Parliament.

        You keep appealing to one “debate” while ignoring the fact that polls in the land of the Aborigines show the strongest opposition to gay marriage is from Muslims. Christians come second:

        “A closer look at each religion shows that Islam was the strongest indicator of a no vote, but still a weaker indicator than religion per se.”

        “Of the Christian religions (which are disaggregated in census data), Oriental Orthodox – common in north-east Africa and the middle east – and Catholics were most strongly associated with a no vote. Both were more strongly correlated with a no vote than Christians in general”


        So, your lies are exposed yet again. This is getting easier and easier!


      13. Paulus

        Of course with anonymous polls. But where were the Muslim imams PUBLICALLY STATING THEIR VIEWS during the debate? As you know, they strategically stayed silent because the gay lobby are their close allies against Christians.

        Ironically, had the gay lobby attempted to look at shariah enforcement of homosexuality, they’d be running for the hills. But no, the Muslims pretend to be bum chums behind closed doors.

        We all know the reasons…


      14. LOL!! Your “taqiyya” (I know, it’s not really what you think it is) has been exposed. You think that one “debate” somehow is representative of all the Christians in the land of the Aborigines. But every poll has shown strong support for gay marriage. Australia is still a Christian country (barely), so without the support of the main voting religious group, there is no chance of any kind of referendum being passed.

        When Christians stop demonizing Muslims, then maybe they can count on them as allies. Liberal groups tend to be supportive of Muslims and speak out against the bigotry of the Christians. If some Muslims feel apprehensive about alienating liberal groups, it’s understandable. But the fact remains that Muslims have the strongest opposition to gay marriage, more so than Christians. You have been exposed. Stop whining.


    4. “rejecting Quran is rejecting God. so it was PERFECTLY right to WAGE WAR against kuffar like u“

      so tell me why this would be wrong from a biblical perspective . and remember filthy S**T, i said that your books say that triune being told hebrews TO KILL CHILDREN…… WITH THAT IN MIND…..I SAID IT WAS PERFECTLY FINE TO WAGE WAR AGAINST KAFIR LIKE ROB(if one could kill SINLESS, then what about SINNER? ), IN TIME OF PROPHET PBUH ! . YOU MISSED THAT BIT OUT, DIDNT YOU , YOU LIL sh%t!

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      1. And when is he gonna define “post pubescent”? And also, while we’re at it, when will Cerbie admit he is a lonely bachelor which no woman could tolerate for more than 5 minutes? I have to assume this is the reason why he has never answered if he is married or not! 🙂


  2. quote :
    the worship of a man in your act of worship has made a kafir like you very unfair towards other religions. a muslim could easily argue that the rejectors of islam were rightlyfully punished because they witnessed the REINFORCEMENTS (angels) which the almighty senT down, rejecting Quran is rejecting God. so it was PERFECTLY right to WAGE WAR against kuffar like u . the POINT IS, that your texts JUSTIFY the killing of CHILDREN and u hide behind “god is sovereign, ” THE ISLAMIC GOD IS SOVEREIGN and He , by your own logic has EVERY RIGHT to tell in HIS REVELATION to punish disbelievers. a christian CANNOT reject this because in your standard, CHILDREN who do NO crime are KILLED . THE THING ABOUT THE QURAN IS THAT IT TOLD MUSLIMS NOT to take the LIFE of jewish,polytheists and christian children and it told muslims to FIGHT THE jews and christians UNTIL they DO NOT prevent GODS truth from prevailing. THIS is perfectly JUST AND FAIR. you guys STILL keep your life, unlike the FILTHy trinitarian jesus who told u guys to murder children under “old cov” . UNDER YOUR OWN beliefs, ISLAMIC KILLINGS ARE JUSTIFIED. u have absolutely NO STANDARD to say “oh well that was old cov….” MUSLIMS , according to biblical STANDARDS had perfect rights to fight for Gods truth .



  3. stewjo004

    @ QB
    This is ridiculous and Paulus needs to be marked for spam. It’s one thing to give your opinion and another to post on completely different threads. He can move his point to the thread it was made for. You’re not censoring him but there needs to be some administrative control and in any other website, he would be flagged for spam.

    In my opinion, QB you also might want to start looking at adding a forum to the blog. That way he can express random opinions but the comments of articles remain relevant to the post

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    1. Joel


      Classic – muslim apologists can’t defend their faith so they start censoring people with legitimate criticisms.

      Why haven’t you complained about tony whose every comment is off-topic, incoherent, abusive, and ignorant?



      1. Classic – crosstian apologists can’t make a rational argument against Islam so they start defending their brethren for attempting to distract from their failures. Stew has a point, but I didn’t censor the post. Even then, Stew never said anything about deleting the post. He suggested I move it to the appropriate thread. Coco the monkey seems to have a victim complex!


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      1. Well that backfired, didn’t it and exposed you as the lying propagandist that you are? Tony clarified his remarks, didn’t he? By the way, did you donate something to help the poor woman?

        The real irony, though, is that if we were living a Christian world (thankfully, we are not anymore), a victim of domestic abuse would be told to stay with the abuser. Your savior does command “turning the other cheek” doesn’t he? Do you find it difficult to obey?

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      2. Paulus

        Now taqiyyah.

        Here is tony’s Original remarks

        “THE ISLAMIC GOD IS SOVEREIGN and He , by your own logic has EVERY RIGHT to tell in HIS REVELATION to punish disbelievers“

        Your blog promotes jihadi extremism. Do you support it?


  4. Paulus

    “So again, no one cares what your god does or says. So, your “shirk” argument makes no sense. “

    Fair enough. But will you be consistent?

    No one cares about your allah. So your “polytheism” argument against the trinity makes no sense.


    1. LOL, now, now, don’t try to change the subject again. Why are you defending the atrocious crimes of the Biblical prophets by appealing to God, and how is that any different from any run of the mill mass murderer who says “God told me to do it”?

      As for your attempted distraction, no one makes the argument against the trinity by appealing solely to Allah (swt). We appeal to logic. We appeal to the nonsensical nature of the trinity. We appeal to the contradictions in your Bible. For example, you fellow Gentile dog Robbie appealed to 1 John 2 in claiming that Muslims are “antichrists” for rejecting the “son”:

      “Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist—denying the Father and the Son. 23 No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.”

      But do you notice there is no mention of the holy spirit? So was the author a binitarian? Now, I know. You will no doubt appeal to the Johannine Comma, but you and I both know that it is a forgery.

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    2. Paulus

      Lol I’m changing the topic by responding to your comment? Couldn’t make this up.

      Stop pretending like your reason for rejecting the trinity isn’t based on tawheed and Islamic theology.

      We don’t accept your fake god so your brainwashed polemics are meaningless


      1. LOL, you didn’t answer my question, and went off on a tangent about the trinity. So yeah, just because you “responded”, it doesn’t mean you were sticking to the topic. Couldn’t make this up.

        And lookie here! Still not answering the question! How are your excuses for your pagan god’s crimes against humanity any different than any run of the mill mass murderer excusing his crimes by saying “God told me to do it”? Answer the question, coward.

        Stop pretending like your trinity is based on any reasonable proof, whether from the Bible or logic. LOL, even if I was not a Muslim, I would find the trinity laughable and utter BS.

        Your brainwashed excuses for child murder just goes to show how utterly evil your religion is. Here is another question for you coward: what happens to babies born with original sin who die in infancy, before they can have a chance of accepting Jesus as their savior?

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