Cerbie’s Debauchery – The Fruits of Christianity?

It appears that our resident Gentile dog of hell Cerbie has gotten sufficiently embarrassed and frustrated by the discussions on the blog to the point that he is now taking cheap shots at my family.  During the course of our discussions, Cerbie asked me if I was married.  I answered in the affirmative, alhamdulillah (incidently, Cerbie has refused to answer if he is married or not).  I also told him that my wife and I have a 16-month old daughter.  Well, in a recent outburst, Cerbie apparently lost his temper and brought my daughter into the discussions.  Any reasonable and mature person would know better than to do that, but evidently Cerbie is neither reasonable nor mature.  I am sure most civilized people would agree that to bring an innocent child into these discussions, no matter how heated they may get, is to cross a line and sink to a new low.  Are these the fruits of Christianity?  Is this what passes for acceptable Christian behavior?  Did Cerbie’s “god” atone for such behavior as well? 

As it stands, I see Cerbie’s outburst as a perfect example of the debauchery and low character of most other like-minded Islamophobic trolls.  Cerbie has struggled mightily in recent days in answering tough questions about his religion.  Perhaps he is just a frustrated dog, and so we can give him a pass and forgive him.  🙂 

C’mon Britney, be a man and move to the land of muhammadism. What are you waiting for? Enjoying our kafir cartoons too much? Like having health, safety and prosperity?

Go on, go find a 50 year old for your little girl. Teach her the ways of your prophet.

Ahh, who are we kidding. You’re just another westerner with a “victim” complex so you’ve adopted Islam. That way you can enjoy all the kafir benefits and throw a bit of religion in here and there when you feel like it. We all know you don’t actually believe in or want to live under shariah

76 thoughts on “Cerbie’s Debauchery – The Fruits of Christianity?

  1. QUOTE :
    Are these the fruits of Christianity? Is this what passes for acceptable Christian behavior? Did Cerbie’s “god” atone for such behavior as well?

    quote :

    And ironically, Rabbi, that is exactly what Christians REALLY believe when they are not trying to convert people, but living their life in a cycle of sin and repentance. How many times have we seen the bumper sticker that reads, “Christians are not Perfect, just Forgiven”?

    This is the catch-22 they face. If God can forgive and welcome an imperfect person, then what is the need for Jesus? On the other hand, if they are still sinning even after accepting Jesus (and ALL of them are, by their own admission), then on what basis are they fit for God’s presence, if sinless perfection is the qualifying criteria? Think about this: if it is about “the blood of Jesus” and “Jesus dying for our sins”, then there is no need for repentance or even right-doing, since God does not consider your sin, but Jesus’ supposed perfection in your place.

    if a crosstian will be hiding under jesus’ skirt , then where is justice done? when christians talk about the enormity of sin, they are just lying to themselves . how is it that a god PUNISHING himself means that justice has been done?


  2. infidel, can you tell me if adam was chatting to jesus about jesus’ weekend “sacrifice” ?
    did jesus tell adam in the garden that he will die for the sins of adam on earth ?
    adam would continue to sin, did adam have “faith” that jebus would be a sacrifice for his sins ?

    did adam meet with yhwh ? adam didn’t need belief in yhwh coz he chatted with him, so i am curious if adam was informed about the corruption plan which god had set up ?


  3. Here is another example of Cerbie’s debauchery. The Biblical Jesus would be smacking his head if he saw how his “followers” behave!

    “By all means continue to mislead yourself. You only dig a deeper hole for yourself. But if your lucky, Britney or Stew might cheat with your wife and give you a few extra good deeds as “compensation”.” (https://quranandbibleblog.wordpress.com/2018/06/24/the-example-of-the-church-on-faith-and-deeds-cerbies-nightmare-gets-worse/#comment-2082)

    Hmm, it seems that Cerbie has an unhealthy fixation on other people’s families. 😂😂


    1. christians are alright passing their wives off to other men to be snogged and hugged . even their presidents do it ..

      the funny part is that they think they will NEVER EVER never commit adultery in their hearts. bloody hypocrites.


  4. Ajnabiyah

    Leave low blows to low people. Insults are just a tool for someone who wasn’t taught any manners. Alhamdulillah Islam has taught us all we need to elevate us above such belittling character.

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    1. HAHAHAHA, so Cerbie FINALLY decides to open his mouth about his shameless comment after avoiding it for so long! I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that other people have started noticing it, and Cerbie feels compelled to defend his pride?

      Notice that Cerbie is basically trying to justify his comment about an innocent TODDLER.

      Let me educate you Cerbie. I will certainly raise my daughter based on the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, inshaAllah. I will raise her to be a devout Muslim. I will send her to school to learn mathematics and science. I will teach her about her religion, so she can live a pious and upright life. And when she is ready to bear the responsibilities of marriage (after she finishes her college education), I will look for a suitable husband for her, whom she will be happy with. This is the path of Muhammad (peace be upon him), God’s mercy to the world. Alhamdulillah!

      By the way, are you married? 😉


      1. Paulus

        Haha 😂😂😂

        As I said, ashamed of your prophet.

        But I understand, having a child of your own surely makes you not want to emulate the vulgar child marriage and rape he practiced. I’m glad you’re inconsistent. Because 4 years from now…?

        Have fun with your false western version of kafir Islam. It will be much better for your family 👍👍 enjoy our kafir riches and blessings


      2. 😂😂😂 See guys? Cerbie is STILL trying to justify his comments! These are the fruits of his “Christianity”. He follows a vulgar, westernized version of his religion and then dons the “I am holier than thou” facade that is all too common with other crosstian fanatics.

        I wonder why Cerbie won’t answer the question if he is married or not? I guess being overweight and unemployed makes him embarrassed. Bwhahahaha!!


      3. Paulus

        Aww, is your victim mentality being damaged a little? Poor diddums…

        Fact it, my comment was made in the context of you criticising the West. I suggested you head to a Muslim country and live out the religion you claim, which includes the fact that your exemplar of 54 married a 6 year old child. And 4 years from now…?

        But, unsurprisingly you won’t subjecr your own family to such horrors, of which I commend you. As I said, the best Muslim is the inconsistent one. Keep enjoying ourkafir freedoms, liberty and prosperity.



      4. Aww, is Cerbie still trying to justify his vulgar comment?

        Fact is that it doesn’t bother me in the least. I am just showcasing your low character, which aids me in destroying the facade of holiness that many Christians like you try to put up. You are a Godsend! You do half the work of exposing yourself and your religion!

        As for the “West”, the fact is that you worship a secular society and then try to take credit for its achievements. It’s a like a rooster taking credit for the dawn. This is a laughable trick that some Christians try to use in interfaith dialogue. But the fact is that western society is NOT Biblical and thus, the reality is that Christians should oppose it. But that would make them look bad, so they pretend like it’s an idealized Christian society and they try to defend it in discussions with Muslims. Pathetic! It’s Christian taqiyya! We all know, that if given the chance, Christians would make radical changes to the “West” and eliminate many of the “kafir freedoms, liberty and prosperity”. It’s no wonder that Europe went through the Dark Ages before becoming “enlightened”. When the Europeans shed their dependence on the church, they began to prosper. Ouch!

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      1. stewjo004

        @ Qb

        Well, the first question I have is what is Paulus’s point in this? Does he prefer Muslims to take the genocidal, child raping, idol worshipping drunkards that is the biblical concept of prophets as role models instead?

        Next, if I may akhi, and far be it from me to tell you to do what you believe is best for your family but regarding your child getting married I personally believe that is very late. With my daughter (who is around the same age as yours) I keep a multitude of prospects in mind, as soon as she says “Dad I’m ready to for a husband” we’re doing this and skipping Satan’s avenue for fornication. There is nothing wrong with a young woman who is post-puberty marrying another person. Just because certain cultures like their daughter to get banged out by anyone who says “I love you” or “you’re pretty” doesn’t mean everyone wants that for their daughter as well.

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      2. Yes bro, I agree that young women can get married earlier, but I feel that a college education should be obtained to better prepare them for the challenges of the modern world. Of course, a woman can get married as young as 16 years, even in western countries (including Australia, where Cerbie hails from). In the US, the legal age is 18, but some states allow for marriage at 16. Based on a preconceived notion of what is the “proper” age of marriage, one could argue that those people who allow girls as young as 16 to get married are committing a barbarous act. But what difference is there between a 16 year old and an 18 year old, besides numbers? When a person turns 18, do they suddenly flip a switch and become an adult? Of course, it’s all nonsense and the result of modern sensitivities. But I do think that in the modern world, where childhood and adulthood are very different psychologically and physically than they were in ancient times, having girls get married much earlier no longer makes sense. That is why I think it is better to wait until at least the early 20s. By law, a person is considered an “adult” at 18, but I know from experience working with college-age students that many of them are not mature enough to handle the responsibilities of marriage. It was different in older times, but in the modern world, even many people 18 and older are still not ready for marriage.

        You know I was thinking about the marriage laws in the Roman Empire when Jesus preached, and I found out that typically, girls could get married as young as 12. And then I remembered that Paul said to obey the law of the land. So what stopped Christians from marrying off their daughters at age 12, since that was the minimum age allowed in the Roman Empire? Did Christians wait until their daughters turned 18? Of course not. They were often times married earlier. Here is an interesting Christian perspective based largely on Biblical interpretation:


        It doesn’t seem to correspond with Cerbie’s modernist approach to the question. I guess he is the one who is “ashamed”!


      3. Paulus

        Stew- your prophet raped a nine year old girl. He is by definition the very thing you describe as vile 😂😂

        Will you allow your daughter, when she turns 6, to marry a 54 year old man?


      4. LOL, lying for Jesus the sinful savior again? Why don’t you actually try to prove the rape accusation for once? 😂😂

        The fact is that it was a legitimate marriage, whereas your god allowed his minions to take little girls as slaves to be used. Now that is vile!

        You mean to tell me that if a prophet of God requested the hand of your daughter in marriage, you would not allow it? Come now, Cerbie! How many lies will you utter for your sinful savior in a day? The fact is that if you were not living in the secularized modern “West”, you would have had no problem marrying your daughter off at a very young age. Your obsession with Muhammad (pbuh) and Aisha (ra) is getting rather boring!


      5. Paulus

        “The fact is that it was a legitimate marriage”

        Sure, if you want to promote a pedophile.

        But for the rest of normal society, not so much. You are very depraved


      6. Lol, you idiot! Still can’t get over the fact that this was how the world worked in ancient times? Still can’t get over the fact that your Bible allowed for young marriages? Still can’t get over the fact that your pagan god allowed the taking of little girls as slaves?

        You are a loser. Face it. You apply secular and modern standards, even though they have nothing to do with your religion.


      7. Paulus

        You’re stuck, I get it.

        On the one hand you have to affirm muhammad is the “perfect” example for you to follow. For all time.

        On the other hand you are secretly disgusted that a man of 54 married a 6 year old. So you try to revert to “ancient times”.

        Doesn’t work. Leave the darkness. Just reflect in a few years how depraved it is for an old man to marry a small child. It will haunt you


      8. Paulus

        Ooohhh someone is pissed!! Haha

        “Legitimate and happy”- haha that’s westernism speaking my friend. Let’s all ignore the fact he was an old man and she was a child playing with dolls.

        Muhammadanism- the religion of pedophiles apparently


      9. Hahaha, you’re doing a great job in exposing your low character, dude! Keep it up! 🤣🤣

        “Westernism” is “speaking” when I say the marriage was legitimate and happy? LOL!! Someone is clearly very high on the secular west! Still no evidence from Cerbie though to the contrary. Hmm, I wonder why? The poor guy still can’t get it through his head that secularism is a modern development. The world got along fine without the modern sensitivities for thousands of years, and people often got married at a young age and had happy marriages. Cerbie has no actual proof that the marriage was unhappy or anything like that. We are just supposed to take his crocodile tears as proof. Of course, more reasonable people see through the facade. Here is how the orientalist scholar W. Montgomery Watt described the marriage between Muhammad (pbuh) and Aisha (ra):

        “[w]e must remember, of course, that girls matured much earlier in seventh-century Arabia. There were no children to the union, but Aisha seems to have been as happy as a girl could be in a polygamous household.”

        Ding! Ding! Ding! So once again, Cerbie is exposed as an opinionated moron who doesn’t actually have any real facts to argue with. He just argues for the sake of arguing.


      10. Paulus

        So what happens in a few years when stew wants to marry his child off to an imam at his mosque. It won’t be legitimate in your country so will you inform the police on your coreligionist?


      11. Again talking about other people and their families? WOW! The degeneracy is strong with you!

        What gives you the idea that Stew is going “to marry off his child”? Are you imagining things? Maybe it gives you some sort of weird sexual high? Just asking.

        By the way, ARE YOU MARRIED?


  5. stewjo004

    @ Qb
    Oh well, would you look at that puberty like Islam says it is (actually fun fact a lot of Jews find the marriage-age to be a lot younger but I digress)

    Allow me to please clarify, I believe a woman should be educated. I don’t think neither you or I would deny that. I just don’t see why she can’t be in a relationship and “grow” with her husband. As for the “maturity” argument, I have 2 qualms with the premise:

    1. What are considered adults nowadays in the 30s and 40s still are divorcing so that has no effect on a relationship
    2. The way men and women are “raised” nowadays is the only thing affecting the “maturity”. They are children who then pass through this fake concept called “teenagers” where they’re actually adults that are treated like children. If a child is properly cared for and raised from a young age to be mature and that things are expected of them. I don’t see why a relationship can’t work especially since people still go through relationships throughout their adolescent, “teenager” and adult life. A lot of people think I got married “young” (I was 17 and she was 18) but alhamdulillah we’ve still been married for almost a decade and are still going strong.

    Of course, you shouldn’t marry just willy nilly but I think you should still have prospects for her so that she
    1. Doesn’t start talking to boys
    2. Has self-esteem because she knows she can get married anytime she wants

    Allah hu alim this is just my opinion.


    1. Paulus

      It’s funny that you deny the concept of original sin but think you need to stop boys and girls talking to each other. You have a pretty low view of people and sexuality for someone who thinks they are born “pure”


      1. kafir, no child is born with “original sin”
        when a child is being nursed by his mum, i am sure sexual urges are not passing through his mind. no child LEARNS from his mothers womb,
        lust, anger and adultery. original sin is bull sh*T.

        now since human being has memory and he has a body which is built to reproduce, then is it gods fault for creating the body like it is ? i say no , i say that any child growing up in CONTROLLED environment where he sees nothing of sexual nature, no sin , nothing , i am sure by the will of God such child will always be able to control his urges, but we live in christian environments which stink of adultery, pornography…..it is christians who have made environment sinful and allow the promotion of sin, this is why God sent laws, not because of original sin, because of WILLINGLY TEACHING others to learn and DO sin…


      2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

        Oh my goodness, this is too funny! Apparently, Cerbie does not understand how biology works!

        The made-up concept of “original sin” is not needed to explain why post-pubescent boys and girls are attracted to the opposite sex. Biology explains it. Tell me Cerbie, do you even know where babies come from? Hint: it’s not the stork. 😂😂

        If original sin was the cause of sexual attraction, then wouldn’t pre-pubescent children also be in danger of being attracted to the opposite sex and having babies? This is enough to demolish the silly concept of “original sin”, another one of Christianity’s “brilliant” (cough) inventions. 😂

        Perhaps you should read my article, where I skewered this ridiculous concept: https://quranandbibleblog.wordpress.com/2017/07/27/born-a-sinner-a-critical-investigation-of-the-origin-of-original-sin/

        Ironically, once again, the early church fathers contradict Cerbie in matters of his religion (so does the Bible). It turns out that they did not believe in original sin. I have a feeling that Cerbie will throw them under the bus yet again. 😉

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      3. stewjo004

        @ Paulus

        1. It is not rape if it’s consensual sex between 2 adults. Since you seem to just be in straight denial about the Bible (which pretty much agrees with me) and are letting your culture influence you. Here Paulus tell me what is the “proper” age of consent and how did you get that number?
        2. When talking to boys I was referring to a post-pubescent woman.
        3. Because no one knows if you’re married and have children you still teach your children. For example, a parent teaches children values and ethics etc. in Islam puberty is where accountability starts. But you teach small things in stages to children before they get there. Also, original sin is an unjust and illogical concept. Children are born innocent and don’t know anything. They don’t become pure just because you sprinkle magic water on them. It makes no sense for me to be held accountable for what my father Adam(as) did. We didn’t consult one another, there was no “Hey stew you think I should do this”. Your concept of God is literally punishing people for something that happened generations ago. If you REALLY want to argue this concept simple question does a 5-year-old Hindu child go to hell if they die? What about the Midianite, Amakinite and Moabite children? I’m really interested in what your beliefs are on the concept because I always hear Christians say the most interesting things when you ask this. (Speaking of which QB you can add this to questions that need answers)

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      4. Paulus

        So stew you will allow your daughter to get married and be having sex when she is 9? You will classify her as an adult?


      5. Paulus

        “The made-up concept of “original sin” is not needed to explain why post-pubescent boys and girls are attracted to the opposite sex. Biology explains it“

        Duh! But why will people fornicate?if they are pure? If they have the sunnah? Stew is so worried his child may fornicate that he will stop her talking to boys. That’s a pretty poor view of sexuality and humanity, is it not, for someone who thinks it’s easy to obey God.

        You deny original sin in words but your practice shows otherwise…

        Your false religion still can’t deny the truth…


      6. HAHAHA! Why do people fornicate? There are lot’s of reasons idiot, but “original sin” is not one of them. Sexual attraction is a natural thing, but as with anything, it requires a disciplined and God-fearing mind to control it. There is of course also the influence of Satan. Satan urges humans to give in to their desires, instead of being patient. Another reason is the environment. Unfortunately, we live in a very loose and sexual society. Boys and girls think it is fine to be in “relationships” and it is very common for girls as young as 12 to get pregnant by their “boyfriends”. So living in such an environment, a person can easily be tempted. It has nothing to do with “original sin”.

        You are so pathetic trying to “prove” this false and idiotic concept, even though the early Christians did not believe in it! Read the article idiot and learn something. Your false religion is living in a fantasy world!

        Tell me Cerbie, if we are all tainted by original sin, then why isn’t everyone fornicating? Hmm?


    1. 😂😂 Lying for Jesus AGAIN? That’s three lies in a few minutes! The fruits of Christianity everyone…

      Stew didn’t say anything about violating the Sunnah of the Prophet. He feels that waiting until after college to get married is a little late. This is a typical conversation that many parents have with other parents. I assume you wouldn’t know what that’s like. 😉

      The Sunnah of the Prophet when it comes to marriage is to get married when one is able to afford it:

      “He who can afford to marry should marry, because it will help him refrain from looking at other women, and save his private parts from committing illegal sexual relation; and he who cannot afford to marry is advised to fast, as fasting will diminish his sexual power.””

      He was talking to the young men, but the concept is the same: marry when you are able to.

      So you see, my little dog of hell, this is the Path of Muhammad, the path of moderation and reason. It’s not like your silly religion and its false apostle Paul who told people that it was better not to get married (of course, he said that because he believed the world was going to end soon).

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    2. Paulus

      Haha, what is clear is you have no idea what the “path of muhammad” is in the West. Your just a kafir lacky with a facade of victim mentality attached.


      1. Haha, no what is clear is that you pretend to praise western civilization when it epitomizes everything that contradicts your religion.

        I already showed you what the Sunnah of Muhammad is. Where is your evidence for your laughable claim? Hmmm…


    3. Paulus

      “The Sunnah of the Prophet when it comes to marriage is to get married when one is able to afford it“

      Back peddle. Stew said nothing of monetary reasons.

      You described your life plan for your daughter and said it was the path of muhammad. Stew disagreed. Fact.

      No amount of muhammadan special pleading will change that


      1. So what? I am talking about the Sunnah idiot, and I showed you evidence!

        All Stew disagreed with me on was when I said I would wait until after my daughter completes her college education, which he felt was rather late. But you, with your diseased mind, cannot stop yourself from pontificating on someone’s else’s family. No amount of crosstian special pleading (and lying for the sinful savior) will change that.


  6. harami kafir, in the hadeeth literature, where do you find any hint that ayesha described herself as victim of rape?

    on the other hand, when yhwhs children took in youngsters and fondled with them, what do you describe that action as? when young virgins have been taken in house of each hebrew and is fondled with, what do you describe this as?


  7. “Stew- your prophet raped a nine year old girl. He is by definition the very thing you describe as vile 😂😂”

    come on psychoanalyst kafir HANZEER, tell me where you found victim of rape speaking …..


    1. Paulus

      Tony, did you marry a child aswell?

      Are you a “suitable” candidate for your fellow brethren here who are looking for potential husbands for their daughters?

      Perversion in muhammadan religion is strong!!


      1. Paulus

        And there is the victim mentality again.

        You say muhammad marrying a 6 year old is legitimate. But it’s “degenerate” when a kafir asks you to do the same?

        Stew says he is already looking for suitable husbands for his toddler, but it’s degenerate when I suggest tony may be such a man?

        Hypocrisy and shame is strong on this thread 🤣🤣


      2. Lol, still not getting it? I am saying it is degenerate of you to talk about other people’s families. You obviously think this is normal behavior, which means that your religion must allow it. Ergo, not only are you a degenerate but so is your religion!


      3. paulus , i have a genuine question, how old was your granma when she got married ? 6 or 7? If 7, then are u product of peodophilic union?


  8. hey paulus ,where did jebus say that sex with 5 year old was sin? jesus told his pals to listen to the jews who sit on moses seat so if the jews said that sex with 5 year old was permitted, u have to agree that jesus agreed with the jews and i quote:

    See Romans 7:7, supra. If you don’t have a Mosaic Law specifying a human act as sin, you have no warrant for calling it sin in the first place. So either find a Mosaic law that prohibits sex within adult-child marriages to the same degree that it prohibits coveting, and you’ll dodge the Romans 7:7 bullet. If you cannot provide such a text, then you never had any theological justification for labeling sex within adult-child marriages to be sinful in the first place.


    So where did rabbi jebus say that sex with 4-5 year old was wrong? According to matthew ,fully god and fully man came out of his mums private part….your god likes coming out of pre pubescent private parts?

    what about your god being nursed? your god was BREAST FEEEEEDING……you dont feel DISGUSTED???

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    1. Paulus

      Clearly tony has a child bride.

      And notice that tony is calling it adult/child marroage. This contradicts stew who claims that Aisha was an adult (at 9 🤣🤣🤣)

      You blokes are so depraved and evil. Just acknowledge the truth that muhammad was a disgraceful human sinner


      1. kafir, i quoted some one, you didn’t see “i quote…” . now tell me, where did rabbi jesus say that sex with 5 year old is wrong ?


      2. LOL, so Cerbie is a clairvoyant apparently! What other superpowers do you have?

        You are such a loser and degenerate. Just acknowledge the truth that you are a disgrace, who is doomed to hell because his sinful savior failed to live up to his own expectations!


    2. Paulus

      “If you don’t have a Mosaic Law specifying a human act as sin, you have no warrant for calling it sin in the first place.”

      This is dumb. Even the book you appeal to refutes this

      “All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law.“

      Law is Torah. So people can sin “apart from the law”. You’re pathetic and so are your google searches


      1. “If you don’t have a Mosaic Law specifying a human act as sin, you have no warrant for calling it sin in the first place.”
        This is dumb. Even the book you appeal to refutes this
        “All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law.“
        Law is Torah. So people can sin “apart from the law”. You’re pathetic and so are your google searches


        and what law was jesus under ? now tell me where did your pagan guide jebus tell you that sleeping with 5 year old is wrong . which law did jesus use to tell you this?


      2. “All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law.“

        Law is Torah. So people can sin “apart from the law”.

        so WHAT rule was being broken “APART from the law” when there was no law against child marriage both biblical and non-biblical back when paul wrote the crap in romans ?

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    3. LOL!!

      Didn’t you notice how Cerbie has been avoiding what his Bible actually says on the subject? I already showed a Christian perspective on this, and he has been avoiding it ever since. The poor dear is apparently very ashamed of his own Bible, especially in the light of the secularism that he pretends to love so much!

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  9. “Duh! But why will people fornicate?if they are pure? ”

    because they like listening to satan ? they are told by society that it is cool to fornicate? that they are told to explore fornication? kafir, did u think about fornicating with your mother while you were being nursed? if not, then original sin is christian bull sh@t

    “If they have the sunnah?”

    yes , the sunnah creates for one “fence” around fornication, adultery, night club , temptations, much better than pagan jebus blood which allows one to get away with fornication. fornicate in brisbon , run of to sydney , “repent” and ruin lives, isn’t it ?

    paulus questions :

    so you in a family which allows your daughter to bring her boy friend home and take him to bed room ?
    since christian women are filled with “holy spirit” i wonder why they never strip naked, are they worried ?

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    1. Walter R.M Shaad

      “the sunnah creates for one “fence” around fornication, adultery, night club , temptations, much better than pagan jebus blood which allows one to get away with fornication. fornicate in brisbon , run of to sydney , “repent” and ruin lives, isn’t it ?”

      lol i honestly couldn’t have summarised it better, he made quite a strange point on that one in the first place…”Original Sin” must be Jesusianism’s biggest contribution to humour…

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  10. stewjo004

    @ Qb
    Paulus clearly doesn’t want to bring the Bible (which agrees with Islam on the subject) into this ever since Moses(as) and the taph that were supposedly given away as sex slaves. No Christian can quote textual evidence of wrongdoing with the Prophet(saw) an Aisha(ra) it’s boiled down to simply: “My culture doesn’t do this, therefore, it’s wrong and a sin.”

    @ Paulus

    You believe in “Original sin” but went silent on my question. Does a 3-year-old Hindu child go to Hell when they die?

    My next question so that I’m clear with what you’re saying is how do you determine what is or is not a sin without textual evidence? How can you sin “apart from the Law”? What is Paul’s evidence for this and what is the basis for determining this?

    Since we’re talking about original sin, I believe you’re confusing a biological attraction that God put into us to grow as a species and populate the Earth as a sin. There is no sin for being attracted to a woman the sin comes in depending on what you do from there. So you don’t continue to look at her, or touch her etc. There is simply no justifiable reason for a man and woman to talk except for business or marriage. You do not place yourself in positions to sin pretty simple in my opinion. I personally know Muslim women who are 30+ years old and have never been married nor fornicated in any way, shape or form just because they follow that simple principle and I truly commend them for that.

    As for what I said QB please don’t place words in my mouth. I said “Of course, you shouldn’t marry just willy nilly but I think you should still have prospects for her” Obviously you would want the person to provide. However, a simple marriage set up I was talking about with Qb could be something like she’s 14 and he’s 14. They get married and live in their respective households. They go on dates, be alone etc. when he becomes more financially stable (which obviously both families would assist to the best of their abilities) they then move in together and build their relationship from there and go on to the next stages in life.

    As for my daughter getting married and having sex. If she’s in puberty and is married in a legitimate union where contracts and covenants have been made I see no problem if she decides to do that with her husband. My issue comes when someone who has no oaths or obligations to her can simply use and discard at his leisure. I’m sorry Paulus but God has said the legitimate way in which men and women form relationships is marriage. Not “dating” not being “just friends” not “just talking” marriage and that’s never going to change.

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    1. Stew, I definitely disagree with you in that regard and I apologize for not understanding what you were saying. There is no reason to give a 14 year old such responsibilities in the modern world. They should be concerned about education, not marriage. I understand that they would not live together, but even so, that is a major burden to put on their shoulders at such a young age.


      1. stewjo004

        @ qb

        No problem we’re simply 2 fathers sharing our personal opinions. I have no ill will towards and I assume likewise.

        You see we keep saying “young age” but it still doesn’t eliminate the problem of
        1. People have relationships at that age as well as sex. Nor would yours or my daughter lose the urge for companionship just because we believe their too young.
        2. Even this set up existed during the time of the Prophet(saw) Umar(ra) did a similar situation with his son.
        3. I believe education is important as well (personally not college education but buisness education) What im saying is the two don’t have to conflict with one another. They’re “dating” but an avenue if haram has totally been eliminated. I mean you and I both know at puberty accountability starts. In my humble opinion if you’re old enough to go to Hell you’re old enough to get married.

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      2. Thanks for clarifying, and I still disagree, but I do understand your point.

        Let me also clarify that what Stew says is actually allowed in some states in the US. Some states allow people under the age of 18, but not younger than 14, to marry with parental consent and a court order (https://www.thespruce.com/legal-age-marriage-laws-by-state-2300971).

        This was also possible in Australia up until 1961, when the minimum age was set at 18, although 16 year old can still get married with court approval. Before that, the age for girls was as low as 12 (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-17/marriage-in-australia-how-love-and-law-have-changed-in-130-years/8430254).


  11. stewjo004

    Oh and QB my bad I typed that wrong it wasn’t “qb don’t place words in my mouth” I meant to type “as for what I said to qb please don’t put words in my mouth” talking to Paulus who was said “stew said nothing about monetary reasons” implying i didn’t believe that was important. I happened to reread mt message and didn’t want you to think i was disrespecting you.

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      1. stewjo004

        No problem I read my post and didn’t want you to take offense you know I love you brothers feesabilallah. Also on thr article cool beans.

        As a further clarification i dont think you should push her into it or anything like that, I’m just saying IF she is tempted to do haram this was a possible solution.

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