Questions that need answers – if there is justice, what happens when a Christian wrongs someone in this life? How is justice served in the next?

Our pathetic Christian clowns, Cerbie and Coco, have been avoiding this question for some time now.  Will they finally provide an answer or will they continue to give us the silent treatment?  Only time will tell…

So here it is again: if there is justice, what happens when a Christian wrongs someone in this life? How is justice served in the next?

Other pertinent questions:

  1. What happened to other nations outside of Israel before Jesus(as), if Jesus(as) and the “sacrifice system are needed for salvation”.
  2. Mike does real estate and does a business deal with a local church. He pays them money for some land but when it comes time to give the land to him the pastor decides not to give Mike the land nor his money back and gets away with it. On the Day of Judgement, how would God rectify this situation for Mike (who in this example is not Christian)? Does:
    1. Jesus take the accountability to protect the Christians and cause Mike to lose his right to justice?
    2. Jesus doesn’t take the accountability and thus Jesus doesn’t take away all sin.

Insert answers below…



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  1. “My salvation isn’t dependant on me. It’s dependant on the substitution of the perfect Son of Man,”

    no, your pathetic god told you to go around doing deeds to be seen by men

    14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

    abusing jesus in your mind and beating him up in your mind by POURING it on him won’t help you avoid your pagan christian texts which are all WORK based .

    who will cast soul and body into hell of those who reject Him. You’re trusting in the filthy rags of your own self righteousness for your salvation. “Silly boy”?”

    who said they were “FILTHY rags” God says that ANY DEED done sincerely is viewed as RIGHTEOUS in His eyes

    one is trusting in what God says about doing good.
    i find u to be a cursed crosstian. you have full trust in your FILTHY faith, FILTHY sincerity, FILTHY BELIEFS….you as a human have TRUST in this. what could be said about DEEDS could be SAID about FAITH too since one is BELIEVING and trying to become BETTER believer or trying to NOT become a better believer. so you, are TRUSTING in your FILTHY human beliefs.
    your pagan SELF righteous “faith” is NOTHING but you LYING TO YOURSELF

    how can you have “faith” and then you do SIN in front of “holy ” god ? you giving him your CRAPPY “faith” saying “i believe” “i believe” ?

    like i said, you take your sins LIGHTLY before “holy” one.


  2. “It is not right to take the children’s bread and TOSS it to their dogs.”

    shaad, “their” is not seen in the text

    this is even worse, jesus is thinking she is an animal which came out of no where. so you are eating at the table in a different country and a dog approaches you . it is the woman who is making “connection” between herself and the “clean children”

    shaad, gentile mark wrote

    there still isn’t “their”

    it seems like matthew went full jewish on her, he completely omits the “let the children FIRST be fed…”

    notice how the WOMAN speeds up the process after REFUTING jesus ? in mark , the girl has to CONTINUE to suffer, until jesus find “spare time” lol

    after he gets refuted, he says “good point” then she gets a cure because of her argument, nothing to do with her faith in mark.

    in matthew, he has gone FULL jewish.


  3. “She took it as a reminder of her inferiority that’s for sure, considering her response…”

    you call someone a dog to dehumanize them and her SICK daughter was clearly dehumanized since the BREAD was for her, not her mother.

    imagine calling a sick young girl “little BITCH”

    think about it. the girl is SICK. she needs help fast. but krist came to DEHUMANIZE perfectly good and humble people.


  4. Robert Chamberlain

    I wasn’t notified of the other replies other than Qabb’s. I probably shouldn’t reply to his insulting posts, but seeing as some of the other comments are even more trollish, I don’t have the inclination, or time, to respond to such crude slurs, slanders, and perversions of the truth.


  5. That’s why there’s a strange relationship between our faiths. By martyring us, you give us a greater reward in heaven.”

    why don’t u go to iraq and get taken out by a christian drone ?
    go on, be a martyr !

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  6. favouritism
    noun: favoritism
    the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.

    the LIES of rob will be exposed

    FIRST look at marks version


    there u go . the dog gets to EAT AFTER the humans eat, but in this CASE, the ill DOG has to wait until jebus FINNISh helping sinners like tax collectors, prostitutes, possessed …..ALLL JEWISH!

    matthew is not having ANY OF IT

    matthew says

    “i have come ONLY for the LOST SHEEEEEP”


    jesus’ FAVOURITISM WAS 100 % completed in matthews version .

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  7. stewjo004

    @ Rob

    Just because there’s the NT doesn’t negate the fact that per Trinitarians understanding Jesus(as) at one point ordered the death of unarmed women and children. Just because he later changed his mind doesn’t stop the order. Do you believe that is morally right in war?

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  8. “If God asked you why he should let you into heaven, you’d be speechless because you’d realise that your self righteousness is as filthy rags before His holiness.”

    but then you are alright with giving him the filthy rags of jesus, you shove it in the fathers face. the thing is, it doesn’t matter how “sinless” jesus was, his human faith and deeds are FILTHY rags before a holy god.

    simply, there is NOTHING ABSOLUTELY nothing jesus did that you can give to a “holy” god. jesus was CREATED, what can CREATED give to the UNCREATED being? say god made 1 million SINLESS humans, what could they give him ? they themselves are CREATED AND subject to him, so what did they give him ?

    they can do things which God does not do.
    God does not repent
    God does worship himself
    God does not fast
    God does not do what humans do for God.

    but even all this is CREATED.

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      1. jewish people are sick of their beliefs just like we are , i quote :

        We are told about and expected to believe the reports of a god that no one can know and no one can please (but jeesus, mind you) but yet they’re the authority on this god… does this make sense? If they are even remotely correct on their slam-fest of God, how is it that they know what God is like? Are they merely believing and PROMULGATING second-hand information? Were people like King David, the Prophet Moses, the Patriarchs, the Later Prophets lying when they ascribed adjectives of “mercy, loving kindness, abundant compassion and comforting” to this “vengeful” God? But they claim it’s the same god they serve! Were these biblical personalities wrong in their assessment of God and these xians who really don’t have a relationship with God (or a relationship by proxy) possessing the “true” relationship? And can you really have a relationship via proxy? How intimate is a relationship if you have to go through someone else to have a simple conversation with the one you’re to have a relationship with–and with a person (or in this case god) who, were it not for jeesus, would consider you worm fodder and banish you? REmember, according to xians, without jeesus no one could know god or have a relationship with him. So is jeesus our ticket to a relationship with god, or the wool pulled over god’s eyes (and our own) with regard to the true relationship? Or are we really just having a relationship with ourselves and this belief in jeesus is a mere distraction from the reality that no one can know this unreachable god? Is there anything more pathetic and more sad than to have a relationship by proxy; knowing the Object of your supposed loyalty and devotion doesn’t love you but only tolerates you because of someone else? Take that piece away and we’re back to the fundamental view of this “god” to his creation. What does that really say about this “god”?

        no set of lies is more damning and more self-serving than to tell people that they are defective from birth, can never know God, cannot improve themselves and they are damned for all eternity unless you believe their variant/cult and to believe otherwise is the ultimate delusion. Are there any lies WORSE to not only one’s soul but one’s perception of the CREATOR HIMSELF??????? Is there anything MORE disgusting to the very Mercy, Compassion and “You can do it!” encouragement given by God Himself (even right in the VERY opening chapters of Genesis—- God tells Cain he can overcome evil! This from a “vengeful, can-never-please-Him” God!)? Is there any sin greater than to have one of God’s creations believe they can never know Him without any aides, “blood tricks” and “redemption coupons” from Jeesus?

        The lies of these xians is “God knows you can’t have a relationship with him because you’re dirty, worthless, vile and wretched .. you’re spiritual trash. Only a bloody go between can mend the bridge”. They lie about God and also fail to ask the obvious.. what person would WANT a relationship with someone who will only see you as less than.. and only by the CHARITY of another can you come into a “relationship” with this person? Who wants a relationship with a god who only allows you to come into his presence via a proxy.. can it even be called a relationship? I think this is the most vile lie ever devised… lying about God and then LYING about the inherent potential (and the “god spark” ALL people have!) just so you can form an emotional attachment to jeesus

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      2. when i attempted to post a comment on his blog , here is the reply :

        tony Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        August 6, 2018 at 11:32 am

        this guy is scared lol, he needs to mod the comments.


  9. stewjo004

    @ Rob
    First off no one here is a dog so please stop calling us that. If you would like to be the Jew’s bitch (dog) then that’s your prerogative. God has honored us however to be human beings.

    Next, I heard way too many lies in this last exchange:

    1. There are no eyewitnesses to the Crucifixion. Next, no Roman or Jewish sources of that time record the event either. It is based solely on oral tradition.
    2. You keep calling prophet Muhammad(saw) a “warlord” but again give Joshua(as) and David(as) who are prophets according to all of us the okay. You are not being consistent in your methodology and it’s a sign of either biases or intellectual dishonesty.
    3. You did not answer is Jesus(as) order of killing surrendered women and children just to you?
    4. Polygamy is not a sin neither is marrying young women.
    5. Your concept of God from your own admission is a racist, shapeshifts into an old man, cursed, unfair and you believed you killed Him. Just think about what your saying does this sound like God to you? God is above all these things you’re ascribing to Him. How are you turning away from the truth? You say you believe in God but allow your fingers to type such things that we wouldn’t even say was good of a human.

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  10. If the Bible calls people “sons of God”, what’s so shirk about calling Jesus Christ the Son of God? Why would you cry out for His crucifixion for blasphemy? It’s because you can differentiate between a son and the Son.”

    QUOTE :

    But Jesus remained silent and gave no answer. Again the high priest asked him, “Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?”

    QUOTE :
    “You are demon-possessed,” the crowd answered. “Who is trying to kill you?”

    now take careful note. in the eyes of the jews, jesus was NO where near moses or elijah, he was seen as DEMON possessed .
    now if DEMON possessed person ATTRIBUTED to himself status of “messiah” do you think the jews would NOT consider it blasphemy ?

    satan considers himself messiah? BLASPHEMY!
    satan considers himself son of the BLESSED one ? BLASPHEMY!

    hey rob, thanks for siding with the jews LOL

    did you know, BLASPHEMY could be COMMITTED FOR REASONS other than CLAIMING to be GOD or the son of God.


    1. stewjo004

      @ tony
      Actually, it’s not blasphemy to claim to be the Messiah or the son of God in Jewish law. The gospel writers simply made that up. All the supposed charges of Jesus(as) aren’t based on anything.

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      1. one of the biblical scholars said :

        other human figures could be seated on the divine throne such as Moses (see the Exagōgē of Ezekiel the Tragedian) and Enoch in the Similitudes interpretation of Daniel 7 (see 1 Enoch 61:8; 62:2, 5; 69:27, 29) (page 78). True, the priest may have judge it to be especially audacious for a Galilean labourer to see himself as the equivalent of an illustrious past hero such as Enoch or Moses

        i was simply saying that even if the crosstian try to prove that the priests did say that, that does not mean it was for the reasons the crosstians thought. i offered an alternative, the jews thought jesus of nt was satanically possessed , how could a satanically possessed person claim to bring himself near moses/elijah ? blashphemy!

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  11. stewjo004

    @ Rob

    Again for the 3rd time. You’re claiming God has justice for punishing Jesus(as) in our place. Okay, what happened to people BEFORE Jesus(as) in Africa or Asia or the Americas? How did God establish justice to them?

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      1. So as usual, Coco has no answer? Man, you guys run away so much, and then come back only to run away again. LOL!!

        How was justice served by your god since he never sent any Prophet to non-Gentiles? Try to answer the question instead of doing your usual dance!

        Oh and how’s the science education going for you? 😉


      2. Joel

        q and bs

        I gave you an answer, you are too dumb to understand it.LOL!

        God is not constrained by time and space, hence, his actions have effects throughout all time and space.

        You don;t worship god, therefore, you cannot understand this simple concept.


      3. Coco the monkey, you’re doing your dance again. Not only did you not answer Stew’s question, you failed to refute the fact that your god is confined by space and time. Having “regrets” means your god did not know the future (time). Having to descend to see the tower of Babel means your god is not omnipotent or omniscient (space). Man, it sounds like your god could have used the Infinity Stones like Thanos!


      4. “Silly question. Are you suggesting that Yahweh is confined by time and space? LOL!!”

        in other words corruption was a permanent attribute of yhwh


        QUOTE :

        The corrupt justice of god

        1Peter 1:20 0 he (one he , trinity has 3 he’s) was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.

        The above quote shows this as gods first actual judgement and shows the setting and accepting of a bribe or human sacrifice to corrupt his justice. That justice usually stated that only the punishment of the guilty was acceptable to justice and that it would be unjust for the just god to punish himself and release sinners from himself/his punishment . That corruption of his usual justice is what the bribe or sacrifice of himself bought. Injustice.

        This corrupted judge is the judge you would vote for is it?


        so admit it, you worship a god who is CORRUPT lol

        more proof here

        LOL LOL

        it gets WORSE . gods “justice” means father CURSES someone OTHER than the CRIMINAL LOL
        CORRUPTION ! and this corruption was in his nature !

        a PERMANENT attribute.


      5. “God is not constrained by time and space, hence, his actions have effects throughout all time and space.”

        so jesus is currently burning in hell since he became a curse and since he became a curse justice require that your god BURN in hell. so since yhwh is timeless, then yhwh isCURRENTLY burning in hell, right?


      6. Coco the dancing monkey,

        You answered nothing and your posts are silly rants by a confused idiot. Yahweh, the senile old man in the sky is indeed confined by space and time. Someone get that guy the Time and Space stones! Thanos would probably share them!

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  12. stewjo004

    @ Joel

    What are you saying? He “transcended” time and space and did what? What is your textual proof from the Bible for this?

    @ Paulus

    The absence of evidence is not the absence of evidence. We can’t even get to the b.c. era of these indigenous nations. We actually have to thank Christian missionaries such as Diego de Landa for the burning of Mayan writings because I’m lazy right now from Wikipedia:
    ” Historians describe him as a cruel and fanatical priest who led a violent campaign against idolatry. In particular, he burned almost all the Mayan manuscripts (codex) that would have been very useful in deciphering Mayan script, knowledge of Maya religion and civilization, and the history of the American continent.”

    I did, however, show two nations not mentioned in the Bible or Quran who had monotheistic understanding such as Muslims. Xenophanes and the ancient Chinese people to the god Shangdi. WHich is more than enough to prove the point. Even from a logical point of view if all people descend from Adam(as) and Noah(as) obviously their children would be monotheistic as well

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    1. Cerbie has to distract from failing to answer his god’s convoluted plan of salvation, and the inevitable question that arises about other nations that existed thousands of years before his sinful savior came to Earth.


      1. brothers faiz, thank u for allowing me to comment on your blog, i will be taking a break due to exams. keep exposing these liars for jesus. you guys are doing awesome job.

        salaam to brothers faiz, stew and shaad.

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  13. CORRUPTION IN triune being!

    QUOTE :

    The corrupt justice of god

    1Peter 1:20 0 he (one he , trinity has 3 he’s) was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.

    The above quote shows this as gods first actual judgement and shows the setting and accepting of a bribe or human sacrifice to corrupt his justice. That justice usually stated that only the punishment of the guilty was acceptable to justice and that it would be unjust for the just god to punish himself and release sinners from himself/his punishment . That corruption of his usual justice is what the bribe or sacrifice of himself bought. Injustice.

    This corrupted judge is the judge you would vote for is it?


  14. August 3, 2018 at 10:36 am
    “I’m a Gentile. But Jews and Gentiles conspired together to murder Him. We’re all guilty before a holy God.”

    BUT your god was a guilt offering LOL , so the GUILT has already been taken away. we should THANK ourselves for MURDERING ur god because animal sacrifices weren’t giving yhwh a high. they weren’t rocking his boat. we should all celebrate that we willingly KILLED your god LOL! we did him a FAVOUR, had we not KILLED him, he would still be in his SINFUL body. praise the lord for ME. you should be thanking me and grovelling at my feet , had we not MURDERED ur god, thousands would be UNSAVED….SO where is the guilt ?

    why showing CROCODILE tears of GUILT when ur pathetic god was a GUILT offering LOL

    meaning after we KILLED ur pagan god, our GUILT WAS “PAID for”

    what a sad disgusting world where today we are hearing that we killed GOD. WHAT WILL U ANSWER TO THE MOST HIGH WHEN U R ASKED ABOUT WHAT U SAY? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA SAY ?


      1. mr.heathcliff

        why crosstians run the guilt trip ?


        The Paradoxical Atonement

        Christian doctrine teaches that God forbade the act of killing as condemnable and this of course is clearly stated in the commandment ‘thou shalt not kill,’ but oddly and inexplicably enough, it is precisely upon this doctrine so forbidden that the same God, according to Christians, formulates the plan of salvation seen in the so-called Passion of Christ which climaxes in Jesus’ crucifixion. If killing is unlawful, then in what sense can killing be the vehicle to achieve salvation?

        First of all, “kill” in the commandment is specifically murder, not just kill.
        Secondly, it was wrong for the Romans and Jews to kill Jesus, so it was sinful for them.
        Third, God uses even incorrect actions for his glory, as this is the case often throughout Scripture, the crucifixion being the greatest example of this. Take Joseph’s example in Genesis when his brothers sold him into slavery. This was obviously a sin. But then God used that to save the Israelites (and Egyptians too) Genesis 20:50 “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many peopleb should be kept alive, as they are today.”

        Slavery was not a sin in either Judaism or Christianity. You’ve missed the plot there and the little quip about killing and murder doesn’t negate what is said in the posting. The killing meant in the posting is that of murder. So you didn’t really rectify anything in that regard.

        You do not have an example that parallels where God specifically forbids an act but then goes around to use that very act by which He means to accomplish something by the people to whom he made that act forbidden.

        You have previously tried to use “killing” to make a silly point about Old Testament law, so I figured it was worth repeating.
        It was clearly wrong to sell his brother into slavery. There’s lots of examples were sin is ultimately used for God’s glory

        It was by disobeying that forbidden act that God had forbidden that allowed that inexplicable plan to succeed which is where the paradox lies. In order to fulfill God’s plan according to the Cheistian story, those people necessarily had to disobey God and by that the plan was achieved and yet, those that achieved that plan by disobeying God gets punished for doing what God wanted but did not want at the same time. Very messy, wouldn’t you say?

        “messy” is the takeaway? Sure. Also beautiful that God can use terrible actions for His glory. Welcome to the non-problem of evil

        I don’t recall what “silly” point you are referring to, but in this instance, if you read carefully, distinction is not made between murder and any other form of killing. What is intended is the act of murder which the commandment explicitly prohibited.

        The Bible says selling your brother to slavery is prohibited? Where does it say that? In fact, the Bible teaches that fooling God’s elect and God Himself by which anyone steals what is not theirs is okay in the case of sibling rivalry as seen in the story of Jacob and Esau.

        the crucifixion inadvertently teaches that disobeying God’s plan is the best thing to do in any situation because what is greater in existence than the salvation of God’s sentient creation achievable only as it would appear through direct disobedience to God’s commandment? If our salvation was achieved by breaking God’s Law, then, no law has any real value in the end, which could possibly be one of the reasons behind the lawless gospel of Paul.



  15. stewjo004

    @ Robert
    You said:
    “If you want to get adopted by God the Father (God being someone you don’t seem to be interested in, probably just your fantasy playboy mansion in the sky), you need to get adopted through God the Son. ”

    I will be his father, and he will be my son… (2 Samuel 7:14)

    So wow look at that Solomon(as) was adopted “God’s son” without ever accepting Jesus(as).


      1. there is something interesting to note in these discussions.

        all muslims said that NOBODY needs jesus because GOD is merciful, kind and forgiving and NEITHER DOES HE (GOD)need jesus in order to be merciful and forgiving

        notice how the crosstian SHIFTED attention to “but your DEEDS….”



        notice how rob DISTORTS ARGUMENT ?

        this is what they are trained to do. bring in something WHICH is completely UNRELATED to what is being said. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO with “my righteousness” or “my deeds”

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  16. LOL!

    how are DREAMS proof that “mother of god” was “ghosed” ?

    exactly, joseph lived with guilt all his life pretending to be father of jesus.

    i feel sorry for him.

    poor joseph.


  17. stewjo004

    @ Paulus
    If you’re going to hop in please keep up with the conversation Rob said that God is not fair and an old man and that Jesus(as) was a racist who was tempted to do sin and then cursed not my words those are his.

    As for your challenge again very strange you didn’t know the 5 pillars were in the Quran since you’ve “read” the whole thing:

    Testifying only one god and Muhammad is God’s Messenger
    Ask them: “What is the greatest thing to testify?” ˹Help them out and˺ say: “That God is a witness between you and I. This Qur’an was revealed for me to warn you and everyone it reaches. Are you really testifying that there are other gods besides God?” Tell them: “I will never stand by and accept such a thing!” Tell them: “He is only one God, and I am completely free of whatever you equate with Him.” (6:19)

    Muhammad is not the father of any man among you; he is the Messenger of God and the last seal of all Prophets. And God knows everything. (33:40)

    Salah and Zakah
    A.L.M.These are verses of the wise Book.A guidance and mercy for those who do good.Who establish the prayer, give purifying charity and are certain about the life to come. They are on the guidance from their Lord, and they will be successful. (31:1-5)

    Oh you who believe! Fasting has been the prescription given to you as it was prescribed to those who came before you so that you might learn to be conscious of God and develop self-restraint. (2:183)

    Declare the Hajj ˹pilgrimage˺ for all people. They will come to you on foot and on every kind of ride, traveling from every distant mountain pass, (22:27)

    Now can you please give me commentary on the biblical passages I quoted and explain them in a trinitarian context?
    16“My teaching is NOT My own,” Jesus replied. “It comes from Him who SENT Me. 17If anyone desires to do His will, he will know whether MY teaching is from God OR whether I speak on My own. 18He who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory, but He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is a man of truth; in Him there is no falsehood. (John 7:16-17)

    1When Jesus had spoken these things, He lifted up His eyes to heaven and said… 3Now this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, AND Jesus Christ, whom You have sent. (John 17:1-3)

    Please don’t use any philosophical tangents you like to do when you can’t answer. Please answer directly how these passages don’t contradict the trinity.

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  18. some new information about this pagan.
    he not only believes he KILLED his god , he also believes that their are MORE THAN 1 creator
    he also thinks we are by NATURE EVIL .


  19. the crosstians imagine their god like a pathetic king who sits on his throne and even after creating “perfect” creature, “evil virus” CREATED ITSELF AND INFECTED adam. this clearly means EVIL IS its own CREATOR.

    god is the creator of good
    evil is the creator of evil

    2 CREATORS. two willers. HOW did EVIL manage to create itself? HOW ? where did it receive its power from?

    the moment one says God willed it,God allowed it, God is sovereign, or God is powerful or God is ABSOLUTE, then there is NO way evil could have come about BY itself. it couldn’t have WILLED itself into existence. since it WAS DEPENDANT ON SOMEONE ELSE.

    how does a DEPENDANT thing create itself ? it NEEDS a creator unless it itself is INDEPENDENT of the creator.


  20. “My God created everything good. Your god is the author of evil”

    . Marcion responded by developing a ditheistic system of belief around the year 144.[9] This notion of two gods—a higher transcendent one and a lower world creator and ruler—allowed Marcion to reconcile his perceived contradictions between Christian Old Covenant theology and the Gospel message proclaimed by the New Testament.

    In contrast to other leaders of the nascent Christian Church, however, Marcion declared that Christianity was in complete discontinuity with Judaism and entirely opposed to the Tanakh. Marcion did not claim that the Jewish scriptures were false. Instead, he asserted that they were to be read in an absolutely literal manner, thereby developing an understanding that Yahweh was not the same god spoken of by Jesus. For example, Marcion argued that the Genesis account of Yahweh walking through the Garden of Eden asking where Adam was, had proved Yahweh inhabited a physical body and was without universal knowledge, attributes wholly incompatible with the Heavenly Father professed by Jesus.

    According to Marcion, the god of the Old Testament, whom he called the Demiurge, the creator of the material universe, is a jealous tribal deity of the Jews, whose law represents legalistic reciprocal justice and who punishes mankind for its sins through suffering and death. In contrast, the god that Jesus professed is an altogether different being, a universal god of compassion and love who looks upon humanity with benevolence and mercy. Marcion also produced his Antitheses, contrasting the Demiurge of the Old Testament with the Heavenly Father of the New Testament.


  21. “Robert Chamberlain says:
    August 8, 2018 at 11:08 am
    We are naturally evil”

    the funniest thing is the guy said not only does evil nature was not created by god that we are all BORN evil .LOL
    this is so funny. this means its literally not our fault for being born like we are .

    1. he murdered his god
    2. he is born evil
    3.yhwh is not the creator of EVERYTHING , only good. lol


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      1. stewjo004

        @ tony
        The heresy is Rob’s personal one
        “I’m a Gentile. But Jews and Gentiles conspired together to murder Him.”

        He also has gnostic tendencies as well.

        But tony you didn’t know that Christians believe that Shaytan is the “god” of this world? (Authoobilah) From Pauls’ “jewels”:

        Satan, who is the GOD of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe…( 2 Corinthians 4:4)

        So they have a dualistic view that Shaytan has authority over the earth but Allah will eventually win in their struggle for believers.

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      2. “death hath no more dominion over him: it once had dominion over him…”

        that’s their god being TAKEN over by death itself. this means their are other POWERS beside yhwh and according to robert, SOMETHING which god did not even create.

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  22. think about this.
    rob believers he is “naturally evil”
    yhwh sends an evil creature (satan) in to earth. when satan was sent , satan which is an UNCREATED EVIL (or has an UNCREATED EVIL side) is currently tempting christians who are BY NATURE evil

    this mean ANYTHING the christian think is GOOD is only:

    1. satan FOOLING them
    2. or their evil nature

    christians are literally doomed. any of their belief, their trust, their repentance and faith could ALL be evil . they also believe thAT a powerful god (NOT the creator of ALL things) had to DE-power himself and get DEFEATED by satan.

    if christians are reading this, they should be worried. the entire new testament could be a production of EVIL liars who are by nature EVIL.

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    1. If people are the problem because they are born “evil”, as Robbie claims, then what happens to babies that die in infancy and never had the chance to make the choice of accepting Jesus as their savior? Since Robbie’s god seems so obsessed with not allowing “sin” into heaven, what chance would a baby have of getting into heaven? I wonder if Robbie follows the Westminister Creed of Faith.

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  23. think about this. in the old testament god is so pathetic that he has to protect a TREE which gives ETERNAL life. this magic tree is protected by fire. this means that in roberts heaven, sinful adam was paying regular visits, otherwise WHY protect the tree with fire? hmmmmm!
    this means , in heaven it is possible to do a porn fest and since evil is UNCREATED and makes a MAGICAL APPEARANCE OUT OF nowehre , then christian heaven is really gonna be having some naked and evil fun!

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    1. In Genesis, God is even shown to be afraid or concerned that mankind would try to break in to Eden and steal from the fruit. So angels were stationed to protect it. Seriously, what kind of “God” is this?


      1. “LOL!! You heretic! God transcends space and time! This is Theology 101. Your heresy is an embarrassment to Christianity!”

        they are imagining god like a house builder who fits into location, space, and is measurable. their entire belief is plagued with this thought. god is fit into glove compartment. god is fit into sewer. god is fit into toilet. when christians think about god, they see him as your local builder who builds houses LOL LOL OLO,LLOL

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      2. “Thus, the mere presence of temptation in your mind is enough to condemn you, according to your god.”

        U GOT an excellent point there. gospel of matthew makes torah rule even MORE strict than it is. so christians are LITERALLY screwed !

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  24. the point is christians should not have ANY TRUST in a god who gets deflowered and DE-POWERed , THIS could cause yhwh to flip and change his mind any time. in ot days it was meals with animals, then blood magic, then repentance and prayer, then finally human sacrifice . how can christian trust this hoping god?


  25. that robert is an evil christian and an evil troll is proved by his abuse of electronic comment space. notice he MODERATES his comment section. why he did not invite us over to his blog and allow us to comment ? he has used insult against islamic heaven, islamic book, islamic belief in God and has been tolerated by the tolerant and peace loving muslims who are allowing him to do his filthy “jihad ” here. we are turning the other cheek and patient with him , yet this original sin stained kafir MODERATES the comments on his blog. i find this unjust.

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    1. They’re too scared to comment and probably embarrassed too. I also think that they deliberately don’t want to criticize Robbie’s heresies so as to keep up appearances. It would look bad if crosstians were fighting in front of Muslims.

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  26. stewjo004

    @ Qb and Rob

    I’m confused did Rob say a baby crying is it “sinning”? A baby doesn’t cry for just any reason it cries because it is completely dependent on its parents and has no way of expressing itself yet. Even a baby “whining” is not a selfish act it simply doesn’t know how to express it’s desire and so it becomes frustrated that no one understands it. It has nothing to do with being good or evil. You can’t say a child is inherently evil because they don’t know even know what evil is yet. Hence why parents teach etc.

    Also has Rob answered what happens to little Hindu babies yet?

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    1. when a crosstian sees an innocent item crying its eyes out he sees a 20 year old whiner. they are cursed and their fitra is damaged . it is a fact that cursed people do exist today, say blasphemous crap about the ALMIGHTY and u will be punished in this life.


    2. That is very true. Reasonable people know that babies are totally dependent on their parents. They don’t even know what it means to be “selfish” or “altruistic”, so it is absurd to say that they are born sinful. But try telling that to crosstians. I mean seriously, their religion has completely destroyed their ability to reason.

      But what really refutes the absurd crosstian belief about “evil” babies is that fact that toddlers exhibit altruistic feeling. As I explained in my article on original sin:

      “There is also a growing body of scientific evidence which demonstrates that toddlers exhibit a form of “altruism”.[57] This evidence contradicts the claims of original sin proponents since altruistic behavior is essentially “selfless” behavior, which would not be expected in a being that is supposedly born with “evil inclinations”. A 2008 study conducted by psychologist Michael Tomasello showed evidence of innate altruistic behavior in toddlers. In a lecture given in 2008, Tanner stated that:

      “[f]rom when they first begin to walk and talk and become truly cultural beings, young human children are naturally cooperative and helpful in many—though obviously not all—situations… And they do not get this from adults; it comes naturally.”[58]

      Another study conducted in 2011 showed that infants as young as 15 months old were able to tell the difference between equal and unequal food distribution. Commenting on the results of this study, the lead scientist, Professor Jessica Sommerville stated that:

      “[o]ur findings show that these norms of fairness and altruism are more rapidly acquired than we thought…”[59]

      Yet another study demonstrated “empathic behavior” in infants as early as 18 months of age. In this study, infants witnessed a teddy bear suffering a simulated “accident”. Upon witnessing the “accident”, many toddlers showed a sense of “distress and concern”. Not only that, but many “also responded by trying to help or comfort the bear.”[60]

      So what these and other studies show is that altruism, empathy and a general sense of fairness appear in infants at a very young age.[61] While it is not yet clear that this is due to “nature” or “nurture”, it is part of a growing body of evidence against the concept of original sin. Even if it was proven to be the result of “nurture”, which is entirely possible, we would have to ask how a supposedly “sinful” child, whose nature is to do “evil”, would more often than not do the exact opposite if trained to do so.”

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  27. stewjo004

    @ Rob

    As toni pointed out earlier the “why would the Disciples die for a lie” argument is a fallacy.

    People die for falsehoods all the time for example as you like to critique capitalism. Next Paul thought Jesus(as) would come back in his life. From the “jewels” that are Paul’s writings:

    We tell you this DIRECTLY from the Lord: We who are STILL LIVING when the Lord RETURNS will NOT MEET him ahead of those who have DIED. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. First, the believers who have died will rise from their graves. Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Then we will be with the Lord forever. (1 Thessalonians 4:15–17

    Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not ALL SLEEP, but we will all be changed— in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. (1 Corinthians 15:51-52)

    From C.K. Barrett in his commentary on 1 Corinthians:
    ‘Paul expects that at the parousia he himself will not be among the dead (of whom he speaks in the third person), but among the living (of whom he speaks in the first person). He expected the parousia within his own lifetime.’

    Finally, if you want to argue that it’s referring to a later date:

    “What I mean, brothers and sisters, is that THE TIME IS SHORT. From now on those who have wives should live as if they do not; those who mourn, as if they did not; those who are happy, as if they were not; those who buy something, as if it were not theirs to keep; those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away.” [1 Corinthians 7:29-31]

    This verse makes no sense if he didn’t believe the end was close. Christians shouldn’t marry for 2000+ years?

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    1. stewjo004

      Also, I forgot to add. We don’t know what happened to the Disciples. The Bible describes a few of their deaths but its Church tradition that says they were martyred but again these stories are long after their deaths.


  28. stewjo004

    @ Rob
    The gospels say that Jesus(as) did not go to Heaven yet:

    “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet returned to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’” (John 20:17)

    So yes this is a false prophecy concerning the “bandit” (not terrorist).

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      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Actually, if you read closely the prophecy is false about the “thief” (really should be translated bandit but again not a terrorist. Do you see how they’re STILL modifying the story?) But anyways Rob said Jesus(as) went to heaven when he died but he says:

        “…I have NOT YET returned to the Father…”

        i.e. he has not gone to paradise yet meaning the man couldn’t be there with him. So this story is a proof against the gospels not for them.

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      2. Yes exactly, and I pointed this out to Robbie multiple times. If Jesus promised that he would be in Paradise that same day with the bandit, then he lied because he did not ascend until later. But Robbie would rather lie through his teeth than accept the truth. Why do these people remain so stubborn in the face of truth? Is it really worth burning for eternity just to satisfy their egos?

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  29. He shows how the risen Christ is gracious to fallible, fearful humans.”

    the man just said that jesus was being punished unjustly. on the other hand, u portray the father as one WHO needs BLOOD to forgive and christ doesn’t need blood . LOL

    two different gods.

    what is going on is that the father DEMANDS violence to forgive, krist is “gracious” to the man, 2 BLOODY DIFFERENT gods.

    father is portrayed as a VAMPIRE who needs blood, krist is portrayed as “gracious”


    1. there is NO DOUBT that christians are flesh worshippers. they imagine god on earth is more gracious then the god in heaven who needs human sacrifice. robbie just admitted that the guy on the cross DID not need to do “christian shahadah”

      no confession, nothing , on the other hand, the father says “you must believing in the SHEDDING of blood to get forgiveness”

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  30. ” Would I lie to deny my Lord if Islamic State wanted to chop my head off? Truth is more valuable than my or anyone’s life. What’s the point living for a lie? ”

    imagine scenario where romans beat up peter and want to beat the TRUTH out of him,

    ” Peter answered him, “You are the messiah.”[h] 30 And he sternly ordered them not to tell anyone about him.”

    so if ANYONE asked peter, “did he claim to be the messiah”
    peter should tell the truth and say, “yes, he did” right?

    jesus said :
    37 But let [a]your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.

    now peter has to say “yes” or “no”

    he can’t say “i don’t know” that would be a lie

    he can’t say ” i can’t SAY” that would be him LYING to himself, when he CLEARLY know the ANSWER. “let your yes, be yes”


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