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    1. gluttony
      habitual greed or excess in eating.


      where does islam tell one to eat like greedy person or eat in excess in month of ramadan or any other month ?

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      1. But don’t you know that Cerbie knows all and has the power to redefine every word? So, the young girls in Numbers 31:18 become “women” and fasting during Ramadan becomes “gluttony”.


      1. Paulus

        These aren’t my opinions. They are the facts, stated by your coreligionists. Muslims consume more food during Ramadan. Fact. Your dodging this.

        Wastage is a by product. A different topic.

        So, happy month of gluttony, where you will probably eat more food during your “fast”. Ironic that one of the pillars is actually more gluttonous and sinful 😂😂😂


      2. LOL, still sticking to your non-sequitur? I asked you how “legalism” leads to gluttony. How is “wastage a by product”? Do tell, since you seem to know more than anyone!

        Actually, I definitely eat less during Ramadan than during the rest of the year. So, sorry to disappoint you! Oh, who am I kidding? I LOVE to disappoint you! Bwahahaha!

        How much food do you waste, Cerbie? If you’re anything like your countrymen, you are overweight and you waste a lot of food year-round, including during Christmas.


    2. Paulus

      “The amount of food waste generated in Ramadan is significantly higher than other months. There is a chronic inclination of Muslims towards over-indulgence and lavishness in the holy month“

      “Unfortunately, however, we Arabs approach this month with the perspective that “the more something is forbidden, the more people want to do it” – thus the wasting of money and food actually increases during the month.“

      “Medical studies have indicated that the number of people suffering from the effects of diabetes and high blood pressure increases immediately after Ramadan“

      P.s notice how quiet is was the past few days. I comment and bam, heaps of interaction 😜😜


      1. LOL, no source as usual from the cowardly dog!

        Wastefulness is a characteristics of human society in general. Also, most Muslims are not Arabs, so I have no idea what your point is. “Medical studies”, huh? Which ones? Care to name a few?

        Are you one of the 2/3 of Australians who are overweight? 😉

        I was wondering how we would pay your royalties after you ran off for the 15th time! So, how’s the job search going?

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      2. your medical studies are bs, i know people who have diabetes and are stubborn and STILL FAST (if you have illness u dont need to fast) yet, no high blood pressure “after ramadan”

        These are people with DIABETES

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      3. “New research on prediabetics reveals that periodic fasting can guard against cardiovascular diseases, eliminate “bad cholesterol” and reduce weight.

        The study, whose results were presented at the 2014 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions in San Francisco, earlier in June, comes as the Muslim world is preparing to mark Ramadan, a holy month of ritual and fasting, where observant Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk.

        According to the research, after 10 to 12 hours of fasting time, the body enters into a self-protection mode and starts scavenging for other sources of energy throughout the body to sustain itself—something that on the long haul can help it combat diabetes, among other things.”



      4. Paulus

        Hahaha this is hilarious. Christmas isn’t a fast dummy. Nor is a general nation 😂😂😂

        But Muslims during the month of Ramadan consume more and waste more than any other one of year. So much for fasting!! Allah must be so proud!!

        And yes, the same applies in Malaysia

        “According to statistics from Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation, even on normal days nearly 45% of solid waste in Malaysia consists of food. It is ironic that in a month when people fast, the amount of food wasted is exponentially higher.”

        And Indonesia
        “But, in countries where Muslims are the majority, consumption increases during this month of restraint. This happens not only in high-income countries, such as Qatar and United Arab Emirates, but also in developing countries such as Indonesia.”

        Just face the facts. You guys consume and waste more food during the month of fasting 😂😂

        Happy month of gluttony


      5. Lol, Cerbie is getting desperate again! What difference does it make that Christmas is not a fast dummy? It is still a day of waste, isn’t it? Merry day of gluttony, Cerbie! I guess Christianity has not changed people’s condition. They are still wasteful.

        Still no “medical studies” to speak of, eh? Come on doggie. Ask your holy spirit to conjure up some studies!

        Clearly, people are wasteful in general. I already said that. But clearly, it doesn’t make a difference whether its Ramadan or Christmas, fast or no fast. People are wasteful. Those are the facts, stupid. But as usual, you try to manipulate facts with your personal opinions. Unfortunately for you though, your personal opinions are worth diddly-squat. Lol, I guess your job hunt isn’t going too well! 😉


      6. Paulus

        What difference? Heaps. We are talking about a month of fasting for religious purpose. Instead, it’s a month of gluttony.

        Sure, wastage is a problem. I agree. The point is that Ramadan isn’t about fasting. It’s about gluttony.


      7. The point is that food waste is a global problem. I agree that many Muslims seem to miss the point of Ramadan, and instead over-indulge, but the fact is that food wasting is a multifaceted problem, and it occurs on a global scale. You still have not established what “legalism” has to do with this. Non-sequiturs don’t prove anything.


      8. Paulus

        Many Muslims? Like, almost all of them?

        At least you now don’t deny it’s a world wide problem. Remember when you stated that most Muslims aren’t Arabs? Until I demonstrated that gluttony during the fast occurs in every Muslim majority nations.

        Again, the waste is a selerate topic. The irony is food intake increases during a month when you should be fasting. Does that mean that the majority of Muslims will bein hell?


      9. Again, loser, why don’t you try to prove how wastage is a by product of Ramadan fasting, instead of it being a multifaceted problem involving many different factors? As usual, you try to insert your personal opinions into complex issues, without providing any reasonable proof.

        It is recognized that there are several factors causing the alarming increase of waste:

        “Over the period of years, the society and people have become more wasteful due to rise in income, living standards, consumerism and affordability. But affording does not mean that wastage should increase as it is contrary to the Islamic principles of sustainability.

        During Ramadan, people tend to buy more than their normal requirements for self consumption plus for taking care of guests. Due to the limited quantity of food to be consumed by people this additional quantity of cooked or made food becomes waste as Fatoor is not usually eaten as midnight snacks or as sahoor the other day. The demand for fresh food increases as majority of people are willing to spend an extra amount for the better quality of food.

        The rich also sympathize greatly in this month and donate more food for charity which at times is not consumed by the poor section of the society due to late delivery and evening prayers. This trend again leads to more wastage, as the food items bought are not being fully and efficiently utilized and ultimately end up in garbage bins.”



      10. Paulus

        Muslims consume more food in Ramadan. Fact.

        Muslims waste more food in Ramadan. Fact.

        I’ve provided multiple sources that say this. Why does this happen? I guess that is an interesting question, but rather unimportant to my point, which is,

        Ramadan is a month of gluttony! Not fasting.

        Still waiting. Since most Muslims consume more food, will they all be going to hell for not abiding by a key pillar?


      11. Oh you silly goose, during Ramadan, more food is being eaten at the Iftar meals. They are still fasting, but then overindulging at the Iftar meal! Yes, it is a sin to overconsume and then waste food, but the food wastage does not mean that people are “not abiding by a key pillar”. Cerbie makes a non-sequitur argument! What a surprise!

        It is an interesting phenomenon, and as I have already showed, it is due to multiple reasons. A loser like you, with his bias clouding his reason, wants to oversimplify the issue because of his hatred for Muslims (how very Christian of you 😉 ), but the fact is that the increase of waste is due to various factors such as higher incomes. This is standard economics. It is NOT a good thing and Muslims must hold themselves to a much higher standard, but to bring about any change will take time and grassroots efforts. But there are signs of some success:

        ” Efforts to curb food waste seem to be paying off in Abu Dhabi after the emirate’s waste management authority revealed that it collected thousands of tonnes less waste during Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr this year compared to last.

        Tadweer has been raising awareness of the environmental and economic impact of waste in recent years and it said on Sunday that the amount of household waste during the Holy Month decreased by a quarter compared to last year.

        The amount of household waste collected during Ramadan 2017 reached 53,347 tonnes and during Eid it was 8,915.

        That’s a big improvement on last year when about 74,000 tonnes of waste were collected during Ramadan and Eid together.”


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      12. pauliz, do you agree that yhwh/trinitarian jesus requests for sin offerins ,burnt offerings and other animal offerings ( where is animal rights activism against yhwh?) Was not producing the fruits? even isaiah has his yhwh get SICK AND TIRED of burnt offerings….do you agree that these rituals were not the CURE BUT CAUSE for many problems?

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  1. Shad

    Ramadan Mubarak to Faiz and the others who are hanging out…

    @Faiz,Heathcliff, Stew, Peter…by the way, how much weight do you guys lose on average during or right after Ramadan? I don’t know how much i really lose but i always end up from noticeably skinny fat to simply skinny…

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    1. Stewjo004

      Ramadan Mubarak!

      @ Shaad
      I never change at all. I’m not heavy set though. Maybe you just have an active metabolism.

      @ Paulus

      Before I retire for the month:
      “The son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is enough for the son of Adam to eat a few mouthfuls to keep him going, but if he must (fill his stomach), then one third for his food, one third for his drink and one third for air.” (Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh at-Tirmidhi. )

      “And eat and drink but waste not by extravagance, certainly He (Allâh) likes not Al-Musrifûn (those who waste by extravagance)” [al-A‘raaf 7:31]

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      1. Paulus


        I hope you’re a good preacher because it is universally accepted that Muslims waste more food during Ramadan.

        Good luck teaching them!

        But legalism always breeds this sort of behaviour


      2. “But legalism always breeds this sort of behaviour”

        1. so you telling me that what time to fast, what time to end fast, how to behave while fasting, how to behave after fasting breeds

        excessive adherence to law or formula.

        what excessive adherence for ONE month ?

        why do you not say ANYTHING AGAINST THE legalism in the jewish torah? ALL those burnt offerings given to yhwh could have been given to poor families. look at jesus, after he does a cure , he tells the person to go and perform an animal ritual .
        read job 1.5
        yhwhs sacrificial system breeds legalism
        instead of becoming a better person, the system allows one to take it out on victim.
        for thousands of years, the jews were shedding animal blood , but what is worse is that you think that their rituals didnt appease yhwh, so then you dont care about the shedding of innocent animals, do you?

        look at what jewish-torah legalims BREED in books of acts

        since under jesus’ skirt/blood/flesh you are free to practice what you want, then you are under “the legalism which your feeling and desire ” set for you.

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      3. The fact is that the problem is not “legalism”. If it was, then Christian countries would not waste the amount of food they do. Clearly, it’s not fasting for a month that produces food waste. It is people’s habits, overindulgence, lack of self control as well as consumerism. The more food available in restaurants, buffets and hotels, the more people will indulge, and the more food that will be wasted.

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      4. Shad

        Anyway, the good thing about this year compared to previous ones is that 2 weeks of pre-fajr exercise was more than enough to fix my tummy before ramadan…

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      5. Paulus

        It’s not hard.

        You are commanded to fast. Instead you are gluttonous. That’s because of legalism.

        Wastage in general is a different discussion. Excess waste during Ramadan is caused by excess gluttony


      1. LOL, so you finally realized that I’m not Australian? Good job Cerbie! It took you a while!

        Yeah, about Trump…he’s got the support of the Evangelical rats who are obsessed with starting Armageddon. The embassy move is largely seen as a result of Trump’s Evangelical support-base. Of course, what they don’t realize is that their support for Israel and the building of the temple violates their own religion. Not only that, but as I have pointed out many times, the book of Ezekiel contradicts their “plan”. They think the Jews will convert to Christianity, but this contradicts Ezekiel which maintains that the building of the temple will coincide with the continuation of Jewish rituals and laws. Ergo, Ezekiel falsifies Christianity!


      2. Paulus

        I see.

        Translation- britney is now an expert in Old Testament translation, interpretation and application.

        Despite no qualifications. Typical American know it all 😂😂

        Geez, no matter what, you’ll find every opportunity to hate on Christians. Apparently even trump is under their influence 😂😂

        Random question- do you walk around with a concealed weapon?


      3. LOL, a typical response by Cerbie!! Don’t blame me if I have researched this topic, and you are simply going by the “example of the church”. Don’t worry Cerbie. All will be clarified, inshaAllah. Maybe my next article will be on this topic. For now, read this from Rabbi Tovia Singer (who is an expert in OT translation, interpretation and application 😉 ):

        Vicarious Atonement –

        “The Book of Ezekiel forever condemned Christendom’s central doctrine of vicarious atonement, and slammed the notion that an innocent human being can die for the sins of the wicked.

        Throughout his famed 18th chapter, Ezekiel warned his people that this erroneous teaching, i.e. that a righteous man could die for another man’s sins was contrary to the will of God.”

        Sacrificial System –

        “In essence, if Jesus was the final sacrifice “once and for all,” as Paul vehemently argues, and the animal sacrificial system merely was a temporary “foreshadowing” of Calvary (Hebrews 9-10), why will animal sacrifices be fully restored in the messianic era?15

        Moreover, why would the messiah – named “The Prince” seventeen times at the end of the Book of Ezekiel – bring a sin sacrifice on behalf of himself and the nation!”


        Now I know, I know. Your response will be that you don’t rely on “rabbinical sources” for your interpretations of the Tanakh. But this is just a cop-out that your cowards use whenever the Bible clearly contradicts your religion. So you will settle for “metaphorical” interpretations or some other ludicrous Christian interpretation.


      4. “Geez, no matter what, you’ll find every opportunity to hate on Christians. Apparently even trump is under their influence 😂😂

        Random question- do you walk around with a concealed weapon?”

        LOL, so now I have to educate you on this too? No problemo, Cerbie!

        See, not all of us are as ignorant as you are. It is a well-known fact that Trump’s main support-base is from white. Evangelical Christians. That is a FACT! No use denying it. Your brethren have made a deal with the devil!

        “Given that 81 percent of white evangelical voters voted for Trump, these latest findings suggest that the well-document turmoil of Trump’s presidency has done little to dissuade his core supporters. Nor are his supporters necessarily banking on the only Republican option out there: According to the poll, 69 percent of white evangelicals would prefer Trump, rather than another Republican candidate, as the 2020 presidential nominee…” (https://www.vox.com/identities/2018/4/20/17261726/poll-prri-white-evangelical-support-for-trump-is-at-an-all-time-high)

        Now to their credit, some Evangelicals (but a very tiny minorirty, as we have seen) have recognized the mistake that their brethren have made:

        “Earlier this month, for example, a group of progressive evangelicals met in Lynchburg, Virginia, to protest the solidly pro-Trump rhetoric f Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, while, just this week, a group of 50 evangelical leaders met at Wheaton College to discuss the future of evangelicalism in the light of Donald Trump’s presidency. ”

        ROTFL, Cerbie gets humiliated again! But it gets worse! Here is an article from Professor Candida Moss, author of the best-selling book “The Myth of Persecution”, which explains why Evangelicals are so supportive of Israel and the embassy move to Jerusalem. You may also want to read Grace Halsell’s book “Forcing God’s Hand”.

        “…it might be surprising to learn that some evangelical Christians are not only supporting, they are celebrating, this event.

        Robert Jeffress, the Baptist pastor chosen to pray during the blessing of the embassy on Monday, praised President Trump as someone who “stands on the right side of you, O God, when it comes to Israel.” And the man known for his discriminatory views of Mormons and Muslims described Israel as blessing the world by pointing it to God “through the message of her prophets, the Scriptures, and the Messiah”” (https://www.thedailybeast.com/why-evangelicals-love-israel).

        Along with Jeffress, the other guest speaker at the embassy opening was John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI).

        Commenting on these Christians preachers, Moss states:

        “Jeffress’ prayers weren’t troubling only because of his history of bigotry; they were steeped in a particular kind of right-wing Christian theology that believes that the institution of an embassy in Jerusalem will bring about violence and destruction on a cosmic scale. Known as premillennial dispensationalists, this subset of evangelicals reads the embassy as an important and necessary step to the bringing about of the Apocalypse.”

        And before Cerbie uses his “fringe group” argument, let us quote Moss again:

        “If all of this sounds somewhat fringe, it’s worth bearing in mind that the apocalyptically styled Left Behind series that was published in the 1990s sold more than 80 million copies.”

        So there you go! These fundamentalist Evangelical rats are behind Trump’s decision to move the embassy! It is an undeniable fact!


      5. “Random question- do you walk around with a concealed weapon?”

        LOL, so now you are prejudiced against Americans? Is there anyone on your list that you don’t hate, Cerbie? 😂😂

        No, I don’t carry a concealed weapon, but that’s because I am not an gun-nut like most Republicans (and conservative Christians), who are against stricter gun laws:

        “Most conservative evangelicals don’t believe specific gun policies are spelled out in the Bible, and many of them don’t believe gun-control measures are constitutional and can solve the problem of mass shootings, said Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s policy arm” (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/11/06/a-sin-issue-or-a-gun-issue-why-evangelicals-are-deeply-skeptical-of-gun-control-laws/?utm_term=.e65c89e90f2a).


      6. Paulus

        Haha- tovia singer hahaha

        Enough said.

        But yes, do explain why we should accept rabbinical Judaism, a religion created to fill the void of no priesthood and no temple? A religion which comes very late after Christ? Why should christians reject what the eyewitnesses and first century Jews saw and taught about the messiah?

        It’s very odd that in your hatred of Christ you appeal to rabbinical Jews.


      7. LOL, didn’t I say you would respond this way? You are so predictable, Cerbie! Enough said.

        Perhaps you should explain why his interpretation is wrong, stupid? Instead of going off on tangents about “rabbinical Jews”, why don’t you explain why their interpretations are wrong? And yes, do explain why the interpretations of your corrupt and deceitful “church” is better? Are you brave enough to deal with Ezekiel? Why does it talk about rebuilding the temple, Gog and Magog and the re-establishment of the sacrificial system, complete with Jewish rituals? Do tell, Cerbie! Let’s see what you have.


      8. Paulus

        Re Trump was is or was it not one of his election promises silly?

        You are blaming Christians for your president fulfilling what he said he would do if elected?

        That is how depraved you are. Or perhaps you’re struggling with glutinous diabetes from Ramadan?


      9. ROFTL, do you even know how elections work? Who do you think he was making those promises to, you dolt? Once again, Cerbie cannot admit that he is wrong, despite all the evidence given. Cerbie is just too proud to admit that he is ignorant.

        His main supporters are Evangelical Christians. He promised to move the embassy so he would get their votes. That’s how elections work. You make promises to your supporters, so they will vote for you. It’s really quite simple.

        This is how depraved you are. Or perhaps you’re struggling with your obesity-related diabetes and beer belly? How’s the job search going?


      10. ” do explain why we should accept rabbinical Judaism, a religion created to fill the void of no priesthood and no temple? A religion which comes very late after Christ? Why should christians reject what the eyewitnesses and first century Jews saw and taught about the messiah?”

        well, let me quote the jews for you :

        The New Testament is a piece of intertestamental literature, it was a sectarian compilation 2,000 years ago when it 1st came about.

        Do Christians want to give the authority of prophecy to other sectarian books of the same time period? I DOUBT IT.

        The New Testament’s oldest and 1st texts are known to be one man’s corrospondences.

        One man who was a self confessed unstable individual who wanted to kill folks wrote the 1st Christian books. CHRISTIANS ACKNOWLEDGE THIS.

        Should the letters of Paul (the 1st and oldest Christian writings) be placed on the same level as that of the Canonized prophets?

        The Christian Bible itself says that this man hated and tried to kill Christians with reckless abandon. It says he was a Pharisee who conspired with Ciaphas to kill Christians.

        One poof later and viola!

        After a single alleged mystical encounter with a Jesus apparition, (who Paul’s witnesses could either not see, or they could see a light but not understand the words, according to the chronicle.)

        After this one encounter, and Paul’s words are now embraced by Christians worldwide as being “scripture that is G-d breathed and fit for instruction.”

        Did Paul even bother to go right to Jerusalem after his mystical encounter to meet with Yeshua’s actual students and siblings who lived with him, to verify the encounter?

        No! He went off to preach by himself for years before eventually going to Peter, James, and John with a messge that caused a controversy on the Church.

        Jewish Christians who were observant of the commandments in the way other Jews were, who lived the law as Yeshua would have actually lived it, were spurned as Judaizers and heretics by gentile followers of the guy from Tarsus who came out of nowhere.

        This man from Tarsus payed for Vows at the temple, to prove loyalty to Torah, but then POOF Christians today call Torah observance filthy rags. THEY CONFIRM THAT INITIAL CHARGE AFAINST PAUL WAS RIGHT!

        Accepting Paul’s words as scripture (especially those texts that ridicule the Jews as those who are “contrary to all men,”)

        while ridiculing Jews for their oral tradition, and charging an alleged failure to understand their own prophets, is the depth of hypocricy.

        At least Jews have used the same arguments for CENTURIES to explain why Jesus doesn’t fit.

        If Charles wants me to give Paul the same heed that a Jew would give to books that all Jewish groups agreed on, then he has some thinking to do.

        By the same criterion that Charles Soper would reject the book of Mormon, any Jew would be fully justified in rejecting Paul, the 1st Christian author.


        there, how does that feel crosstian?


      11. Paulus

        Are you that dumb? Ezekiel was written during exile.

        The Jews return and rebuilt the temple as detailed by Ezra and Nehemiah. Well befor Christ.

        See, no need to write an article. Refuted in two sentences.

        Besides, Ez 34 and 37 prophecy the rise and reign of “king David”, whom we know was long dead. According to rabbinical Judaism, who is this David? Cause they sure reject the messianic application applied to jesus, don’t they?

        See, you’ll pick and choose a verse here and there. You’ll remove it from its literary and historical context and draw incorrect conclusions.

        When you have no training and spend your days searching for anti Christian propaganda to spread you just end up looking like a fool


      12. LOL, a typical Christian interpretation! We already that you Christians pick and choose what to believe.

        Ezekiel mentions a catastrophic war between Israel and Gog and Magog. Who are Gog and Magog, Cerbie? Eh? When did this war occur, if the book is referring to the rebuilding of the temple by Ezra and Nehemiah? Bwahahaha, refuted in a few sentences! Come on Cerbie, try again!

        “Literary and historical context”, huh? Are you really such a loser? You Christians pick and choose verses out of their original context whenever it suits your purpose, and yet you are criticizing me about it? LOL!! Let’s get one thing clear: I don’t believe that the book of Ezekiel has true prophecies. I don’t believe it is “scripture”. I am merely point out that it contradicts Christianity. It is a severe problem for Christians.

        Tell me Cerbie. Do you take into account the literary and historical context of Revelation? Or is it more likely that you, like other fundamentalist Christians, believe that it is referring to future events that have not happened yet?


      13. “Besides, Ez 34 and 37 prophecy the rise and reign of “king David”, whom we know was long dead. According to rabbinical Judaism, who is this David? Cause they sure reject the messianic application applied to jesus, don’t they?”

        Oh brother, obviously you don’t know how to read that well. Rabbi Singer already made this clear:

        “Moreover, why would the messiah – named “The Prince” seventeen times at the end of the Book of Ezekiel – bring a sin sacrifice on behalf of himself and the nation!”

        So, Jews accept the messianic application of Ezekiel. They just don’t accept the contradictory mess you call Christianity.


      14. Paulus

        Oh bother, you are so indoctrinated you can’t even reason for yourself. Many interpreters don’t believe the prince is the messiah. But don’t let truth and nuance dissuade you from your hatred for Christ and the church.

        “Because of the messianic associations with the eastern gate, some have identified the “prince” as the Messiah, since 37:25 says, “David my servant will be their prince forever.” In spite of this reference, two important details suggest that the “prince” of 44:3 is not the Messiah. First, the prince is not a priest but has priests who minister for him. The Messiah is portrayed in Old Testament prophecy as the coming Priest-King (Zech 6:13). The offices of priest and king are always kept separate because the Messiah is to be the only one in whom these two offices are combined (2 Chr 26:16-21). Second, the prince is required to offer a sin offering for himself (Ezek 45:22) every day for seven days during feasts (45:23). By contrast, the Messiah was the sinless sacrifice for all people and a perfect High Priest (Heb 9:22-28).“

        Cause you apparently love singer and anything you think might be useful to attack Christ, I rename you “Muhammadan Britney Singer”

        Now, back to your glutttony. You seem a little irritated 😂🤣


      15. LOL, so Cerbie relies on a Christian commentary? What a shock! 😂🤣

        “Ezekiel himself indicates that The Prince, who will serve as a leader of Israel during the messianic era, will be the Jewish King Messiah, the descendant of King David who will embody the renewal of the Davidic dynasty from its dormant period since its last king, King Zedekiah. ”

        Click to access EzekielPrince.pdf

        Of course Christians will try to interpret Ezekiel in any way which promotes their ridiculous theology, but the text simply does not allow for such an interpretation. Notice how the Christian tried to insert the book of Hebrews into the mix! Hahahaha, who cares what Hebrews says? To prove the Christian interpretation, Christians have to quote from Christian sources in order to interpret Jewish sources! LOL!! How convenient! But no, silly goose. The Messiah is not supposed to be the “sinless sacrifice for all people”. This ludicrous interpretation is based on Christian theology, which has no place in Ezekiel!

        Still waiting Cerbie…who are Gog and Magog in Ezekiel? If the book was referring to the rebuilding of the temple in Ezra’s time, when did the battle of Gog and Magog occur? It had to have occurred before the rebuilding, as the text says. So who were Gog and Magog. Come on Cerbie! Grow a spine and be a courageous little doggie!

        Now back to your job search. You seem a little frustrated from being unemployed for so long. 😂🤣


      16. cerbie, your ot tells u that being born of a woman means “not sinless”
        your pagan flesh/blood/bone god was Born of a WOMAN and he had body…
        cerbie, where in the ot would messiah be PUMPED with sins from all years that he CRIES out “why have you forsaken me ,yhwh” ?

        cerbie, u should be concerned right now, ot did not imagine sinless messiah.

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  2. “Clearly, people are wasteful in general. I already said that. But clearly, it doesn’t make a difference whether its Ramadan or Christmas, fast or no fast. People are wasteful.”

    on my visit to morroco i saw people filling up small water bucket (under half litre) to perform the act of ablution . no tap running, no sink, just fill up small bucket and they were good to go.
    if “legalism” encourages not wasting water, then we should all be legalistic.

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      1. Speaking of environmentalism, here again, Trump and his Evangelical support-base are the most backwards when it comes to combating global warming:

        “Christians are called to be both dominions over the earth and be stewards of it, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Al Mohler said on his podcast on Friday. Mohler said the secular-dominated environmental movement sees human beings as the problems to climate change. This worldview, he said, denies the purpose of creation, which was for humans to take dominion over it” (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/06/02/why-so-many-white-evangelicals-in-trumps-base-are-deeply-skeptical-of-climate-change/?utm_term=.2a5e08846a8a).

        Prominent conservative Ann Coulter has even gone so far as to make this comment:

        “God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, ‘Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours.”


        To be fair though, most other Protestant groups and Catholics are not as extreme. They acknowledge the need for action to combat climate change, but the Evangelicals remain stubborn. Sadly though, their political clout has kept the government from making any tangible efforts. In fact, when Trump became president, one of the first things he did was to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accords.


      2. Paulus

        Hahaha you really do hate Christians!! I suppose the evangelicals are to blame for Obama’s legacy as aswell?

        Look, if trump promised something before he was elected, then it should be expected that he fulfill that. That’s why he was elected!! Just because some of those voters were Christians doesn’t mean they influence his policies, since we are talking about ore elecrion promises!!

        Maybe your upset that he halted Islamic immigration? And your utopia dream is heart broken?


      3. Some of those voters? LOL!! As I already showed, Evangelicals are his main support-base. He promised he would move the embassy so Evangelicals would vote for him. The fact that you are trying to deny this just shows what a loser you are.

        Oh and by the way, he didn’t stop Islamic immigration. He did try, but all of his moves have been halted by the courts. That’s another reason why he had the Evangelical vote. They are very anti-Muslim.


      4. Oh brother, little Cerbie always tries to find a way out from having to admit when he is proven wrong. First, you wanted to know if Muslim charities are doing anything to reduce food wastage. Now you are questioning whether they fund terrorism?

        As it happens, there is no evidence that Islamic Relief funds terrorism. The UAE’s decision was clearly politically motivated, and ironically, was opposed by non-Muslim countries:

        “The UAE’s decision has already been disputed by Norway, Sweden and, crucially, the United States Government.”



  3. ” do explain why we should accept rabbinical Judaism, a religion created to fill the void of no priesthood and no temple? A religion which comes very late after Christ?”

    what about pharisic judaism? your god said that the pharisees SIT on moses’ seat

    BEFORE you open your mouth, explain to all of us what “moses’ SEAT ” means
    we are ALL EARS

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