Quick Response to Keith Thompson/ Exegetical Apologetics

Brother Ijaz Ahmed responds to a Christian fanatic on the New Testament. It seems some Christian apologists are simply incapable of defending their religion without foaming at the mouth like mad dogs. I think that is a sign that they are getting desperate and all they can do is lash out.

Blogging Theology

Last month I did a quick Facebook live video on the topic of, “An Introduction to the New Testament“. I recently came across a video trying to respond to me, it’s roughly 45 minutes long and includes insults and lewd images of the Prophet (peace be upon him). I am always absolutely willing to engage with people on this topic, but I do not engage with people who use vitriol against religious figures to “score points”. We’re not teenagers, we don’t need to insult people to convey our points, and I feel as if it was very immature and childish for such behaviour to occur in the first place. With that said, of the 45 minute video response, there is not very much that can be responded to that is worth responding to. I tried to allow Keith Thompson to engage me on my Facebook page in a…

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4 thoughts on “Quick Response to Keith Thompson/ Exegetical Apologetics

  1. Paulus

    Reading the entire conversation and poor Ijaz the radical muhammadan was totally annihilated and humiliated. What shame!!

    He has the tendency to make blog entries like this to save face when he has been humiliated and exposed the deen. And then he simply bans, deletes and edits comments


    1. LOL, Cerbie thinks his “review” is worth anything! You crosstians are getting so desperate at the annihilation of your so-called “scriptures”, that you are no longer living in the real world. It’s pathetic but hilarious at the same time! I love seeing you dogs cringe as you witness the slow death of Christianity!


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