The Two Readings at John 1:3-4

An excellent rebuttal to the Christian use of John 1:3-4 for defending the “eternal” existence of Jesus (pbuh) as the “Word”. This is an excerpt of a current discussion on BloggingTheology between the Christian apologist Ken Temple and a Unitarian gentleman by the name of Georg Kaplan. Readers of this blog may remember my rebuttal to Temple on the issue of “substitutionary atonement” in Islam. See here for that article:

One thought on “The Two Readings at John 1:3-4

  1. temple in that discussion quotes from david wood about Allah spreading orthodox cristianity.

    Now it is the jews who say that yhwh appeared to them without any form at sinai and that todays judaism uses the sinaie experience to refute crosstianity. Does that mean yhwh was the reason behind orthodox judaism?

    when the jews spread rumor of crucifixion through the romans, then Allah did not tell them to spread lies.


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