Christian Fanatic Cerbie Refuted on Numbers 31:18

The unfortunate dog of hell and Islamophobe Cerbie/Paulus got embarrassed on the issue of female Midianite prisoners taken as slaves in Number 31:18.  He tried to maintain that the prisoners were all fully grown women and not children.  But the Hebrew text shows that they were young girls.

“He avoided discussing this issue like the plague with me and ran away“

Ha! I’m a prophet!

More lies again? On that topic you were humiliated. The text specifically calls them women. The Hebrew word is women. Yet you insist to guess their age to save face from your pedophile child raping prophet


  • More idiocy from Cerbie? I humiliated you and exposed you as a liar by showing the evidence from the Hebrew text. The girls are described in verse 18 as “hat-tap” which means “children”. Here it is again:

    Don’t be like the false apostle Paul. Don’t lie for Jesus, Cerbie. You will get exposed and humiliated!

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  • To further humiliate our canine friend Cerbie, here are multiple English translations of verse 18:

    American Standard Version

    Numbers 31:18 (ASV) But all the women-children, that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    The Bible in Basic English

    Numbers 31:18 (BBE) But all the female children who have had no sex relations with men, you may keep for yourselves.

    Common English Bible

    Numbers 31:18 (CEB) But all the young girls who have not known a man intimately by sleeping with him, spare for yourselves.

    Common English Bible w/ Apocrypha

    Numbers 31:18 (CEBA) But all the young girls who have not known a man intimately by sleeping with him, spare for yourselves.

    The Complete Jewish Bible

    Numbers 31:18 (CJB) But the young girls who have never slept with a man, keep alive for yourselves.

    Holman Christian Standard Bible

    Numbers 31:18 (CSB) but keep alive for yourselves all the young females who have not had sexual relations.

    The Darby Translation

    Numbers 31:18 (DBY) but all the children among the women that have not known lying with a man, keep alive for yourselves.

    English Standard Version

    Numbers 31:18 (ESV) But all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him keep alive for yourselves.

    Good News Translation

    Numbers 31:18 (GNT) but keep alive for yourselves all the girls and all the women who are virgins.
    Good News Translation w/ Apocrypha

    Numbers 31:18 (GNTA) but keep alive for yourselves all the girls and all the women who are virgins.
    GOD’S WORD Translation

    Numbers 31:18 (GW) But save for yourselves every girl who has never gone to bed with a man.


44 thoughts on “Christian Fanatic Cerbie Refuted on Numbers 31:18

  1. Chocoboy

    It wouldn’t make YHWH’s crime any better had the command been regarding grown ups or would it? Afterall, not even the most radical fanatic will stick his neck out to defend the ‘killing of already subdued opponents’ as well as ‘keeping only virgins for oneself’ (both happened in Num 31).

    Well, I do seem to have forgotten that their apologists have offered a way out. Say “God is justified in whatever he does” and you are good to go. Denise Giron’s funny attempt at this is still ringing in my memory.

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    1. Yes, they make many excuses. Ultimately, I think that Cerbie will make that same excuse. Once all his other excuses run their course, he will conclude that it was God’s decree, so we can’t say anything to criticize it. Pathetic.

      I like Denis though. I don’t agree with his apologetic arguments and his frequent appeals to simply what’s “possible”, but he is a very nice guy. Hopefully, he will come to the correct understanding in the future, inshaAllah.


      1. LOL, why are you obsessed with other people’s online activity? There hasn’t been much to comment on right now. So what? Are you still living in your delusions about brother Paul’s apostasy? Grow up, Cerbie. Time to become an adult dog. You’re not a puppy anymore.

        So you got embarrassed on the child marriage issue and moved on to something else? Well, since we are on the issue of terrorism, here is a brother of yours:

        This guy was a Christian, and as it turns out, he blew himself up after mailing bombs to random places and leaving a recorded confession. Hmm, reminds you of some other terrorists, doesn’t it? Oops, I did it yet again! 😉


      2. By the way Cerbie, that idiot gunman in France is no brother of mine. Islam renounces such criminal acts.

        Also by the way, did you notice I posted the second part of your beating on Numbers 31:18? I will be posting part III soon, inshaAllah.


  2. Paulus

    Look at you being selective. No surprising for a muhammadan liar- only allow half the story. Are you afraid to actually post all the discussion and evidence.

    You’re no different to Ijaz. Censoring people like Paul and myself.

    You muhammadans are pathetic and you’re terribly scared Bilal will leave you. Who will be your poster boy then?


    1. Hey Cerbie! So you finally had the courage to post a comment on my blog! Congratulations!

      What exactly did I hide in this post, you whiny little demon? I showed how you were refuted in this matter. I haven’t gotten around to posting the other exchanges yet, where I humiliated you further. Rest assured, I will do so soon.


      1. Paulus

        You hid the following.

        1. You’ve made a semantic fallacy.
        2. You ignore the fact that *women* are highlights in the two texts.
        3. You ignore the fact that the women under discussion are differentiated from married women.
        4. This means we are dealing with virgins, not kids, as the contex tmakes clear.
        5. You hide all this to save face. To hide muhammad raping a nine year old.
        6. You then forget that Christians aren’t even under the old covenant.
        7. And even then you forget that Old Testament history is t to be emulated. Contrast this to your *beloved* prophet whom you emulate- a man who raped a little kid, traded black slaves and killed critics. And you think he was sinless!!


      2. Bwahahaha, you were refuted on all these point you idiot! How deluded are you? Don’t worry Cerbie. The other parts of the discussion will be up soon. Everyone will see how you backtracked and changed the goalposts. Your embarrassment is just beginning.


      3. Paulus

        Everyone? Let’s be honest, this is most amount of comments your blog has ever seen.

        As I said, it’s all above facade and ritual with you guys. You just love to look good.

        And you refuted those points? Yeah, sure. That’s just as likely as muhammad being attracted to grown women…


      4. Hahaha, such pettiness! Did it ever occur to you that people might read the blog and yet not comment? And regardless, it doesn’t matter to me how many comment. My goal is to get the truth out. Even if only one person sees it, that is good enough for me.

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    2. Hahaha, how old are you? You really think that brother Paul is going to go back to your pagan cult just because of a disagreement with brother Ijaz? It seems you man-worshipers are desperately hoping to reduce your losses by having fantastes of people like Paul coming back to your religion. Pathetic!!

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      1. Paulus

        No, he’ll go back because he will realise two things. First, Islamic leaders will do everything in their power to cover up. They hate being shamed and seeing Allah’s religion defamed. Second, he will realise, as he already stated, that *most* of the Muslims won’t condemn violence in their religion. Ergo, he knows that Islam won’t change the heart. It’s external and ritual. He’s been sold a lie. Probably by people like you.

        It’s just a matter of time. And look at the damage control muhammadans are trying to undertake to make him feel supported


      2. Lol, sure Cerbie, sure. Whatever makes you feel secure in your pagan religion!

        It’s hilarious how you’re fantasizing about Paul leaving Islam. What makes you think he would go back to yout cult? Why not go back to atheism? Like I said, the falsehood of Christianity doesn’t change just because Paul had a disagreement with some Muslims. You’re just living in your delusions.


      1. Yes, as if the well-being of Islam rests on the faith of one man! Hahahaha!

        But seriously, there is no indication brother Paul is going to leave Islam. Like I have explained to Cerbie, just because there was an argument does not change the fact that Christianity is still a false religion. Brother Paul knows too much about Christianity to go back to it just because he had a disagreement with a fellow Muslim. Cerbie is just dreaming.


  3. Paulus

    No, what’s hilarious is how you guys are trying to calm the situation back on his blog.

    You’re terrified of your lies being exposed. We all know you pretend to be peace loving closet Christians until your imam gives the command to commit violence on behalf of the deen. We’ve all seen the videos. The damage is done.


    1. LOL, still fantasizing about defections to your pagan cult?

      We’re trying to reconcile two of our brothers who have had a major argument. They’re human. It happens. What is sickening is how demonic pieces of trash like you are trying to take advantage of the chaos just to peddle your pagan religion. You are just so overcome with hatred that it just comes naturally to you.

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  4. Paulus

    And just to prove the liar you are. Compare your comments to this

    “This site is dedicated to a respectful discussion of the differences and similarities between the most famous and widely read books in human history… I also would like to declare that it is not my intention to insult Christians or make them feel bad”

    Careful your pants aren’t on fire


    1. Hahahaha, yeah I’ve had other whining Islamophobes say the same thing. What’s the matter loser? Did I hurt your feelings? That disclaimer is aimed at rational people, not hate-filled bigots like you. I have had civilized and friendly discussions with Christians before, such as Denis on BloggingTheology. The purpose of the blog is to show the truth. The truth might hurt some well-meaning people who are not bigots like you. It’s those people I am trying to reassure. It is not my intention to hurt their feelings. But you Cerbie, I love humiliating you!


      1. Paulus

        Thank you. That is exactly the type of distinction your jihadi brethren make aswell. It seems my suspicions were correct about you.


      2. LOL, like I care what the demon dog of hell thinks about me!

        What’s wrong with making a distinction between civilized, reasonable people and the hate-filled trash? That’s what normal people do. I would expect people to do the same with Muslims: distinguish the majority from the misguided minority.


    1. Don’t you just love it when demonic Christians try to deflect from the depravity of their religion? You don’t think child marriages occur among Christians in places like Africa or Asia, you dingbat? I wonder if Rebekkah would have made headlines by saying “I was married when I was 10 years old”? Hmmm…

      The fact remains that your Bible claims that your god allowed the taking of young girls as slaves and clearly allowed the marriage of very young girls.

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    2. “An assumption we often have to debunk, here at Girls Not Brides, is that child marriage is a religious problem. It is not.

      Niger and Indonesia, two Muslim-majority countries, have very different child marriage rates: 76% and 14%. The Central African Republic and Mexico, where most people are Christian do too: 68% vs 23%. And India, a Hindu-majority country, has the highest number of child brides in the world.”

      Oops, I did it again. I humiliated Cerbie!


    3. “People of various religions and sects support early marriage, which is contentious within many religious communities. In Ethiopia, for instance, child marriage is embedded in the customs of Orthodox Christian communities like those in the Amhara region, even though the country’s Orthodox church opposes the practice.

      Some Muslims who follow a conservative interpretation of sharia argue that Islam permits child marriage as the Quran specifies that girls can be married upon reaching maturity, which conservative scholars define as puberty. However, there is debate within Islam about at what age a girl reaches maturity. Many Muslim communities and Islamic scholars agree with the internationally recognized age of maturity, eighteen. Moreover, many Muslims argue against child marriage because Islam mandates that men and women should choose their partners freely, and children are unable to do so.”!/#!/

      Oh man, I did it again! I keep humiliating Cerbie!


      1. Paulus

        Hey Britney.

        I guess that means Aisha hit puberty at 6 😂😂

        Man, Muslims just throw muhammad under the bus in the western world.

        You’re not a muslim. You’re a westerner following a whitewashed pagan version of Islam.


      2. Paulus

        Hey Britney.

        “the Quran specifies that girls can be married upon reaching maturity, which conservative scholars define as puberty.”

        Two options.
        1. 6yr Old A’isha had hit puberty (which contradicts the ahadith)
        2. Muhammad disobeyed the Koran.

        Which do you prefer?

        The deeper you dig, the worse it becomes. I’d hate to be a humiliated muhammadan like you!!


      3. LOL, you idiot! Married, in this context, means living together and consummating the marriage. But Aisha (ra) lived with her parents when she was married at age 6. You’re comparing two different time periods, stupid.

        The point is that child marriage is no longer necessary. In fact, it is harmful. A girl must be physically and mentally mature to handle a marriage. This was not a problem in any society for thousands of years, and that includes the Middle East. That explains why your god allowed the taking of young girls as slaves. Try as you have, you have still failed to offer a substantive rebuttal to this issue.


      4. Paulus

        “Moreover, many Muslims argue against child marriage because Islam mandates that men and women should choose their partners freely, and children are unable to do so.”“

        😂😂😂😂 well there goes muhammad!

        At least we agree that Aisha, the 6 year old, was unable to choose her partner freely. Nor was 9year old Aisha able to consent!

        I think it’s time you apostatise. Clearly you no longer think muhammad was sinless….


      5. Again with the stupidity? Two different time periods, stupid!! This is talking about modern times.

        Why not just admit that you are wrong about something? You tried to insinuate that child marriage is a Muslim problem. I destroyed that argument. But instead of being mature and admitting you were wrong, you degenerated to your natural state and nit-pick on stupid things. No wonder you are a Christian!

        Maybe you should apostasize, Cerbie. Clearly, your secular standards do not align with those of your god. Even the translations you appealed to showed that the girls in 31:18 were young children!


      6. Bart November 13, 2017
        My impression is that a lot of men were older. I guess especially the ones whose first wives died in childbirth (of which there were a lot). But I have to admit, I’m not up on the social history of the question.

        almoore November 12, 2017
        This is a common misconception. There, indeed, were cases where very young females — as young as nine in the case of Muhammad — were married to adult men, even much older men. But when you dive into the actual historical, archaeological, sociological and anthropological evidence, you’ll find a couple very, very consistant (and telling) factors.

        1) Disparity in age between groom and bride is highly correlated with socio-economic status. That is, the wealthier, more powerful, more prestigious they and their family are, the more likely the bride is to be much younger than the groom (and vice versa, cf. Henry XIII and Catherine of Aragon). And, inversely, the poorer, more powerless, more disenfranchised they and their family are, the more likely it is for a woman to marry older (that is, relatively older, such as 19 or 20) to a man closer to her age. So while you’ll often see the 13 year old daughter of a viscount being married off to the 29 year old son of an earl, it was exceptionally rare for the 13 year daughter of a cobbler to marry the 29 year old son of a butcher. In the case of the cobbler’s daughter and the butcher’s son, you’re usually going to see a much more typical age difference of, say, 19 and 24, respectively.

        2) As a consequence of point #1 (or possibly a cause), marriages between the powerful tend to be arranged by the respective family for some socio-politico-economic benefit. In that case, if the bride is only 13 while the groom is 29, well, so be it. They’re doing this for family, not for themselves. Meanwhile, since the cobbler’s daughter and the butcher’s son are already poor and powerless, the union doesn’t bestow any benefits on either of them, so it’s not imperative to force a marriage between the butcher’s 24 year old son and, say, the baker’s 14 year old daughter. Neither family is establishing any net positives from the union of children of such disparate ages.

        compare man god worshipper to people who are fair about it.
        this is the arrogance jesus affect has on christians.

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  5. if u read conversations between counter mossionaries and missionaries, the jews tell the missionaries that whoever blesses israel is blessed and whoever curses israel is cursed(israel is dirty terrorist state),now interesting thing is that missionaries who hate counter missionaries are forced by the bible to bless israel and LISTEN to israel about who god is…..haha jews tell us that ppl ,according to tanakh will go to them to LEARN about god…..not trinitarian gentiles.

    so when crosstians say “koran says go to bible….”

    But your bible says go to jews to tell u about god . lol that is funny.

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