Common Mistakes in Salah – Digital Mimbar Video

As-salaam alaikum.  Are you making these common mistakes during prayer?  Sometimes, we may not even realize it, but we may be making some avoidable mistakes which keep us from performing the prayer like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did.  InshaAllah, may our prayers be accepted and our mistakes forgiven.

27 thoughts on “Common Mistakes in Salah – Digital Mimbar Video

  1. Paulus

    Hahaha this is hilarious.

    Careful your feet don’t come off the ground- your prayers may be invalid

    Careful your forearms don’t touch the ground- your prayers may be invalid

    Careful you don’t move too much- your prayers might be invalid.

    And Islam isn’t about external ritual? Yeah right. You guys must live in constant fear of doing things wrong. Time to come to the true God to have your burdens removed


    1. John Stewart

      Hi Paulaus. I think you misunderstand the video. In Islam, there are two requirements for the action to be valid. Faith and intention done according to what God has sent down. So if a person does a work not to please God or does a work to please others, without intending it to be for the sake of God, then their action is considered to be corrupted and by extension, becomes rejected by God.

      The Prophet(saw) said: “All actions are according to intentions…

      Therefore acts in Islam by themselves, done without faith, the proper intention done according to what God sent down, are rejected. If Islam was a religion of mere repetitive and mindless works, then merely doing the work would equate reward but this is not the case.

      Good deeds are the product of sincere faith. Sincere faith and good deeds are due to God’s mercy. And it’s due to God’s mercy that He rewards good deeds. Ultimately, every blessing is due to this; the decision to forgive somebody and permit them in heaven is due to God’s mercy when all things are said and done. The “reward” for the good works in is ultimately due to God’s grace.

      Now I would appreciate if no one interrupts or insults Paulus. My question to you Paulus and please answer honestly what do you believe God is. Like what are His attributes?

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      1. Brother, I appreciate that you are trying to reach Cerbie by civilized discussion, but you don’t know him from BloggingTheology. He is a rabid Islamophobe, and no amount of nice talking will change him. Only God can change his heart. He is what he is. So don’t worry if I or someone else make fun of him.


    2. Who said Islam isn’t about external ritual? It emphasizes both internal and external piety. There needs to be a balance of both. People who emphasize the external rituals but forget about the internal are misguided. And vice-versa too.

      Why would I want to turn away from true salvation to go and join a pagan religion which believes in a blood-thirsty god who can only be sated by blood? Hahaha, you must be joking Cerbie!

      The irony is that your god placed a HUGE emphasis on external rituals for thousands of years, but then along came some dude named Paul who thought it was no longer necessary! Time to come to the true God to have your Pauline burdens removed, Cerbie.


    3. amazing , abraham willingly went to kill his son and didnt say “but or if…”
      god told abraham to do an eternal ritual, but cheribus the pagan likes to do rituals to please his fellow crosstian brethren. if can’t do the EASY stuff, then you should find Fault in the deed of abrham which was beyond easy . you should tell abraham , don’t listen to God.

      THEY wash only so they don’t stink in front of humans
      they EAT in particular way
      they do habitual practices, but gods laws, no no, god commited suicide to put an end to his eternal rituals.

      these hypocrites are worse than the pharisees.

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  2. Paulus

    John, if that be true, why would your prayers be invalidated by incorrect posture?

    You god seems petty.

    Furthermore, can you honestly say that your intentions are pure?


    1. John Stewart

      Before I respond please show respect as I have not been disrespectful to you. Next, notice I said by what He has sent down. I could make literally the exact same argument from sacrifices from the OT. They had to be done in a specific way or else the sacrifice is invalid. Finally yes.

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      1. Paulus

        You could. Which is precisely why the Israelites were unable to maintain God’s righteous standards. Appealing to the OT only falsifies Islam on that point.

        Which is precisely why Jesus initiated the new covenant.

        But, and this is a big but, you’ve compared God’s old covenant obligations, with the demands of a man, Muhammad. Unless of course you can show me where Allah commanded you to keep you toes on the ground during Salah? If you can’t, then you are guilty of shirk.

        Which then brings us back to intentions. Does Allah forgive shirk when ones intentions are sincere?


      2. WRONG!! Actually, appealing to the OT falsifies Christianity. Allow me to explain:

        The book of Ezekiel lays out very detailed rules for the resumption of temple practices. There are very stringent rules that must be followed to the letter. Also, many of the other laws, such as keeping foreigners out of the temple, will also be resumed. So all of this refutes your Pauline-inspired rejection of “external rituals”. Your god put a major emphasis on these rituals. You worship Paul, which makes you the odd man out.


    2. Because deliberately choosing not to follow the example of the Prophet is an act of rebellion. A Muslim follows God and His Prophet, and since the Prophet learned how to pray from God, then doing it the way he did it is to obey God.

      If someone makes a mistake unintentionally, that mistake can be corrected and thus forgiven. But if someone deliberately decides to do things his own way, then his heart is obviously not in the right place. If he rebels in how he does his prayers, then what is stopping him from rebelling in other ways, such as denying the importance of giving charity?


    3. Paulus (funny when I write out your name auto correct writes it as Paulis)

      why did yhwh through his prophets tell the Jews to STOP breaking the law and why in the Torah is obedience to the law a remedy for rebellion????


      you believe in God the god

      And God the man

      I want to know , does God the God have full experiential feelings of being a man in his version ” God the God” or does he NEED to create “God the man” OUT OF HIMSELF???

      how would “God the God” experience “God the man” when one is created and the other is not?

      Can you say that you are a human on the plane and an animal on the ground I.e your person EXPERIENCES both natures???

      but say that you are a pig, how would your human side know what a pig feels like as a pig when both natures do not mix ???

      you will say , the PERSON incarnated, the nature did NOT CHANGE, but then we have DISABLED PERSON being Stripped from his nature and plugged into PIG nature, that would mean that NATURE NEEDS NOT PERSON.

      is “God the man” FORMED from “God the God” ?

      when your God will punish people in hell WILL he feel INTENSITY of the heat ?

      Will he have to ENTER INTO HELL TO PUNISH???

      will he create another spare God from himself to do the punishing ?

      now funny thing is you Cristian’s say that the natures do not mix, but the person MIXES with both natures LOL

      like you have Paulis the man
      And Paulis the pig

      why can’t you TOY WITH NATURE, BUT PERSON, you can?

      it is interesting to note that you believe that the nature of God PRE INCARNATION can never mix, change or have experience of being human. This means your God needs a created version of himself to do his job, which means ,HOW can you call something CREATED God??

      even when your God enters space and time, you believe he remains SEPARATE from CHANGES.

      so if he ENTERED hell

      He will not FEEL the heat
      The pain

      so he remain separate.

      If he creates a created version of himself, HOW DOES THAT CREATED version pass on feelings to his uncreated version? these questions will tell you that you fristians are hypocrite scum bags.

      You are forced to admit that along side yhwh COEXISTED IN ETERNITY PAST A CREATED COPY OF yhwh because the uncreated can NEVER CHANGE, NEVER BE REDUCED, never be taken over by something.


  3. John Stewart

    Don’t use terminology your not familiar with as that would not classify as Shirk. First evidence for toes on the ground :
    I have been COMMANDED to prostrate on seven bones: on the forehead,” and he pointed to his nose, “and on the two hands, the two knees and the edges of the two feet (i.e., the toes).” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 812; Muslim, 490

    We don’t just pull commands from thin air. He(saw) was commanded by God.

    Next, you originally claimed ‘pettiness’ but when it comes to sacrificing it’s ‘righteous standards’ let’s be consistent with our methodology if we want to come to the truth. Now there are two issues with this we can’t fulfill what God sends down from a logical and Scriptural perspective:

    It would not be just for God to create us weak and then give us instructions we couldn’t follow. And then punish us for not following His impossible instructions. For example, if I told my daughter: “Fly out the window or I’m going to give you a whooping.” That is not justice but oppression.

    God says EXPLICITLY says that His commands are not hard to keep:

    For this commandment which I command you today is NOT too difficult for you, NOR is it out of reach. 12“It is NOT in heaven, that you should say, ‘Who will go up to heaven for us to get it for us and make us hear it, that we may observe it?’ 13“NOR is it beyond the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will cross the sea for us to get it for us and make us hear it, that we may observe it?’ 14“But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may observe it. (Deuteronomy 30:11-14)


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    1. Paulus

      I see. So no command from Allah then. Only the apparent word of a man transmitted through hearsay.

      Let’s be clear. I want to see Allah’s command. Anyone can claim that a deity *spoke* to them.

      And yes, if you compare muhammad to God, you commit shirk. Muslims do it all the time because Islam is muhammad worship in practice.


      1. John Stewart

        I ask because most people I’ve talked to don’t actually think this concept out. Since you won’t make a list. I’ll make a list if you disagree that’s fine just tell me why. God is :

        1. All Hearing, All Seeing, All Knowing (So He can do the past, present, future and what could’ve have happened of these attributes at the same time)
        2. Independent of All needs (i.e He doesn’t need to drink, sleep, eat, have sex, etc.)

        So would you agree so far or no?

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      2. Paulus

        God is omnipotent and omnipresent. He is transcendent and immanent.

        Your Islamic terminology doesn’t encapsulate the entirety of these qualities.

        God is self sufficient.


  4. John Stewart

    This is a strange argument your presenting because the Jews use this against Jesus(as). For you to make this argument Paulus I don’t think you understand what a messenger is. The purpose of a Messenger is to deliver a message to the people who haven’t heard it. Take the movie 300 for example. Everyone knows the: “THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!” scene. The man kicked down the well is the messenger for Persia. He is Persia’s representative. Killing him or disobeying his instructions is grounds for war. The same is true for God’s Messengers(hence their name). God send these people, we don’t need to all hear it from God because they come with his seal so to speak. Muhammad(saw) is not God and can never be. He(saw) is obeyed because he is the Messenger with God’s message.

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  5. John Stewart

    I didn’t say all qualities I listed only a few. But okay, can you explain a bit more? What do you mean by omnipotent, omnipresent, transcendent and immanent?


  6. paulus the human worshipper wrote :

    You could. Which is precisely why the Israelites were unable to maintain God’s righteous standards. Appealing to the OT only falsifies Islam on that point.

    response :

    Why do assume that God would prefer that those whose hearts are far away abandon their observance? Rather, God wants them to infuse their observance with meaning. How do I know this? Because in the Torah God commanded us to keep all His laws, such as the Sabbath, forever. He didn’t give us the option to abandon them, and any prophet who came to change, add, or subtract anything from the Law was deemed a false prophet.


    hey paulus , if one is far away, why did yhwh want jews to STILL obey his laws?
    why is he again and again telling them to come back to his laws , why if his “standards” cannot be maintained? you filthy crosstian liar for jesus, yhwh never told jews that they need to come close to human sacrifice or eat and drink jesus

    quote :

    unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. 54 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life,

    For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. 56 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them

    so the one who feeds on me will live because of me


    that’s not what the torah said. the torah said to the jews to come back doing gods laws, if the jews have gods laws, why do they need jesus?


    66 From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.


  7. “Which is precisely why the Israelites were unable to maintain God’s righteous standards”

    a secularist crosstian said :

    Christians have moral laws, but nowhere does it say that non-Christians or non-Jewish people are prohibited in having any other religion.

    then an atheist replied :

    Yes it does. “No other gods before me.” “Don’t worship idols.”

    then the secularist crosstian wrote :

    I have never been taught that the Ten Commandments prohibits freedom of speech.

    then the athiest replied :
    Why don’t you just try reading the Ten Commandments. It prohibits taking God’s name in vain. It says to beat people to death with rocks if they do. That’s not how free speech works.


    now hold on a second, paulis is from a crosstian country called australia and in the commandments (why would yhwh list them as COMMANDMENTS if they were to be REPLACED ? ) yhwh says not to allow CATHOLICS TO WORSHIP IDOLS

    WHAT is going on ?

    do you see paulus seeking COMMANDMENT SHARIAH in australia? your text clearly says “no IDOLS….”

    but in crosstian land, IDOLS from catholic church are ALLOWED?


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