Discussion With a Chickie (A Follower of Jack Chick) – “Camel’s In the Tent”

As-salaam alaikum.  I am currently engaged in a discussion with a follower of Jack Chick on YouTube.  I have decided to call such people “Chickies” (if someone has a better suggestion, please let me know).  This particular Chickie, a man by the name of “Robby Santiago”, posted a video of Chick’s racist tract “Camel’s In the Tent”, and so I decided to respond to it.  The discussion has just begun, but here is what has been said so far:

Robby Santiago

Faiz S. I stand for my beliefs and you call me a racist you stand for your beliefs and I call you a man with a different view Are you racist because you have a different view than I have??? I will never bring myself down to the level of taking cheap shots to try to silence others Or try to make somebody feel guilty for coming to their own conclusions Anybody who really wants to get real with the God of all creation , will find him and then they will know which doctrine is true. You believe what you will I will believe what I will and we all will stand before the judgment seat of the true God
Faiz S.

Robby Santiago Standing for your beliefs is one thing. Demonizing other people, as Chick did in this tract and which you are promoting, is another thing. Did you read my blog? I analyzed the tract in detail and showed that it is just a bunch of propaganda designed to instill fear of the “other”, in this case, Arab Muslims. If that is not racist, then I don’t know what is.
Robby Santiago

Faiz S. Its not a matter of skin its a matter of fact Ill read it mote later Thanks for reply
Faiz S.

Robby Santiago What “fact” are you referring to? Xenophobes and racists often talk about “facts” but what they are really talking about is their own prejudice.

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