Giving a History Lesson to a Christian Bigot

As-salaam alaikum!  The decision by the Trump administration to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is obviously generating a lot of controversy.  As Muslims, we must resist this attempt, but obviously withing the bounds of law and order.  At BloggingTheology, there is a spirited discussion currently underway on this issue.  Not surprisingly, Christian fanatics have their opinions.  Once such person goes by the name “Paulus”, but as is my habit when dealing with anti-Islamic bigots, I refer to him by the name “Cerberus” (or “Cerbie” for short).  Cerbie thought he would be a wise guy and attempt to demonize Muslims over their conquest of Jerusalem almost 1400 years ago.  Below is the on-going discussion so far:

  • Is this a perfect illustration of occupation and invasion? And yet it still stands, unlike the many holy sites that Muslims stole from
    Jews and Christians


  • The pagan Romans, who are the srevatns of god according to your prophet paul, used to throw the city’s trash in that place untill the real sevrants of Allah (sw) came and cleaned that holy place from your dirty. They brought it back to the children of Abraham where it should belong to.

    Stealing and occupation ?!
    ” They will join forces to swoop down on Philistia to the west. Together they will (ATTACK) and ( PLUNDER) the nations to the east. They will ( OCCUPY) the lands of Edom and Moab and Ammon will obey them” Isaiah 11:4

    You cannot get enough of kicking your faces, can you? It’s the bedtime kiddo.

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  • Hahahaha, Cerbie got neutered again!

    Hey Cerbie, what happened to the church of the Holy Sepulcher when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem from the Byzantines?

    Oh and what happened to the Jews of Jerusalem when the Muslims conquered it? Oh right, I forgot! There WERE no Jews there, thanks to the pagan Romans and then the Christians!

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  • Well, maybe the zionists see you muhammadan’s like the Romans and want to cleanse the ME.

    That logic you couldn’t complain against could you?


  • Hey Porky long time no snort

    I thought I just share this from the article you cited but clearly didn’t read

    “Saladin most likely bestowed the guardianship upon the two families in order to assert Muslim dominance over Christianity in the city.“

    Just another muhammadan day. But let me guess, the was Allah’s plan to liberate the Christians, right?


  • LOL, so nothing substantive to add. Satan’s lapdog apparently enjoys getting neutered.

    Actually Cerbie, the Zionists want to create a greater Israel in which there are no Muslims or Christians:


  • ROTFL!!! You are so predictable, Cerbie! I had a feeling you would go for that, but then you didn’t the full quote. I wonder why? Here is what it says:

    “Historians differ on the roots of the arrangement. Some researchers say Saladin most likely bestowed the guardianship upon the two families in order to assert Muslim dominance over Christianity in the city. It also had financial implications, with a tax from visitors collected at the door.

    Documentation, however, only goes back to the 16th century, Joudeh said, displaying dozens of “Fermans”, or royal decrees by rulers of the Ottoman empire, bestowing the key custodianship upon his family. ”

    Oops, so Cerbie gets exposed again as a liar for Jesus…I mean Satan. You are Satan’s lapdog, right?


  • “maybe the zionists”
    The jewish zionists believe that God, whom they don’t believe in to begin with, gave them that land according to a book called Torah which from their perspective has nothing to do with the western values and it’s just a barbaric book.

    On the ther hand, the christian zionists who ” love their enemy” believe that jews, whom Jesus considred as brood of vipers and sons of satan, must be given that land, so Jesus can easily return and slay them except 144,000.

    This game has been running till now at the expense of a whole nation which has been suffering all that time.

    I mean devils can send their children to your school of zionism. No one can defeat you with satanism.

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  • Paulus,are you gone mad?! they teach THEIR CHILDREN to kill Palestinians!!

    How “peaceful”

    and as for “Occupation” so Much for Occupation,your Christians were dumping that place. and so were Romans,

    Muslims cleaned it,and now Muslims are being blamed for letting your religions live in peace,what a shame.

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