4 thoughts on “Forgeries in the New Testament

  1. bro, i have been reading your responses on blogging theology and i have a few questions.

    here is what bart ehrman says :

    I come to class a minute or two late to make sure everyone is there, and then I start fiddling around – I take off my jacket, take my books out of my bag, check the computer hook up, take a drink, put my coat back on, rummage around some more in my bag, and so on. Students wonder why I’m not starting the lecture. And then I tell them that I want everyone to take out a pen and a piece of paper. They think I’m going to be giving them a pop quiz. Nope. I ask everyone in the class to write down everything they’ve seen me do since I came into the room.

    After three or four minutes, when everyone is done, I ask for four volunteers and I collect their accounts. I then tell everyone else that I want them to compare carefully what *they* wrote with what each of these four wrote. And then I do a Synoptic comparison, reading each of the four volunteered papers and comparing them with one another in detail.
    NEVER, ever, does any of the four have an entire sentence or large part of a sentence the same as any of the others. And no one in the entire class ever has a sentence or large part of a sentence the same. At mostthere will be three or four words in sequence in common (“He came in”).

    So then I ask them what they would think if I picked up two papers and they had an entire paragraph of several sentences that was word-for-word the same? And they always say – someone cheated!! Yes, someone cheated! Or maybe it wasn’t cheating, maybe someone simply copied what someone else said.

    And then I ask, what if I didn’t ask *you*, the eyewitnesses, to write down what you just now saw. What if I waited, say, 40, 50, or 60 yearsand I asked someone who had a brother whose wife knew someone whose cousin’s best friend had a sister in the class, and three other people like that, to write down what I did that day. And what if three of the responses had entire paragraphs that were exactly the same, word for word? What would you say then?


    now luke admits that he knows of written sources.
    luke SHARES details and ORDER with mark.

    how much does luke know ?

    “It’s really about 51% for Luke.”

    so are we to imagine that BOTH luke and MARK kept 51 % FAITHFUL to their source by REPRODUCING same detail + order?
    how come they did not keep FAITHFUL to the other stories, why are they scattered or changed???

    since the only available sources are luke and mark, then is not the easiest explanation that luke COPIED mark and MADE changes WITHIN that 51 % ?


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