As-salam alaikum! Hello and welcome!

Welcome to “The Quran and the Bible” blog!  My name is Faiz.  I am a devout Muslim, with an affinity for religious study.  Along with religion, my interests include science (especially microbiology  – see my blog on this subject).  I have a Master’s Degree in Biology.

The purpose of this blog is to offer the Muslim perspective on various issues concerning Islam and Christianity, specifically with regard to the holy books of these religions, the Quran and Bible.  This site is dedicated to a respectful discussion of the differences and similarities between the most famous and widely read books in human history.  After many years of discussing with Christians (both friendly and hostile) and studying the Quran and the Bible, it is my belief that the latter is a human book which has been erroneously given a divine status.  These experiences and studies have led me to have a firm belief in Islam as the truth, alhamdulillah.  As subsequent posts are made, I will show why I believe this.  The articles you will find on this site are my own views, based on my own research.  I welcome constructive criticism and and am always willing to learn more.  I also would like to declare that it is not my intention to insult Christians or make them feel bad.  If any person feels this way after reading my articles, I offer my sincere apologies.  

I hope your visit to this quiet place in cyberspace will be a pleasant one!  May Allah (swt) guide us all.  Ameen.

17 thoughts on “As-salam alaikum! Hello and welcome!

  1. stewjo004

    @ QB

    That’s super cool. Now that I know we got a “Professor” in our midst. I have a question about this hadith (and I guess add another one to the database) as I have heard the kuffar talk about it but never cared to look it up:

    It was narrated that Anas said:
    “The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘The man’s water is thick and white, and the woman’s water is thin and yellow. Whichever of them comes first, the child will resemble (that parent).’”

    Here’s some other wordings:
    Anas b. Malik reported that Umm Sulaim narrated it that she asked the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) about a woman who sees in a dream what a man sees (sexual dream). The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon bi m) said:

    In case a woman sees that, she must take a bath. Umm Sulaim said: I was bashful on account of that and said: Does it happen? Upon this the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: Yes (it does happen), otherwise how can (a child) resemble her? Man’s discharge (i. e. sperm) is thick and white and the discharge of woman is thin and yellow; so the resemblance comes from the one whose genes prevail or dominate.

    What is meant by whichever one prevails the child will look like that parent?

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    1. Well since sperm and eggs contain the genes of each parent, it seems clear that whichever parent’s genes are dominant will be expressed in the child. In genetics, we use terms like dominant and recessive. So for example, bloodtype O is recessive, which means you need 2 copies of the gene (one from parent) in order to have that bloodtype. But type A and B are both dominant, so if one parent gives the A gene, and the other gives the O gene, the child will have type A blood.


      1. stewjo004

        @ QB

        Ahh… I figured you were a man of science! So curiosity has there been any type of fun fact in Islam that you thought was unique with your given background? Like “One time I was reading this ayat and it was like what I learned in school” or something along those lines?

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      2. Sure, like how the Quran says all things are created from water. I also see a remarkable match between the hadith about how a fetus in the womb is visited by an angel around 40 days and the angel asks God if it will be a male or female. This corresponds exactly with gender differentiation, which typically occurs around the 6th or 7th week of development.


      1. lol to think that you survived physics and chemistry as well in high school… i hated science, most of the teachers i had were literally weird, i had a biology teacher who had a very creative brain, he thought those greek mythological monsters probably existed through biological processes and that Area 51 workers were probably implanted with brain chips to erase their memory

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